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We are dedicated to your process. From the minute you begin your evaluation, we are invested in your meeting your goals, keeping you motivated and ready to train. Jason began his transformation in college and went from a skinny teenager to a 230 lb bodybuilder in a few short years. He is now well respected IFBB pro competitor and expert trainer.

Tamika competed in gymnastics in high school and ran track at the University of South Dakota where she was an All-American athlete. After graduating, she found her passion for bodybuilding and training others. Despite their intense work ethic they are very laid back and down to earth.

When they first opened, their focus was getting bodybuilders to the next level of competition. Locally they have helped countless athletes become novice, open and masters class champions in all divisions, and have helped over 10 athletes earn Overall Titles!  They now bring those expertise to the masses helping people from all levels of fitness achieve various fitness goals!

Since opening in 2013 we have helped over 150 people reach their fitness goals. Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level?

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May 15th
You Need More Than Cardio For Good Health

You Need More Than Cardio For Good Health

Cardio workouts are important, so if you love running, don’t stop! You should enjoy the type of exercise you do. However, you need more than cardio for good health. You should add to that workout with strength training twice a week and flexibility training. Cardio or endurance training is great for improving your cardiovascular system, […]

May 2nd
 Your Five Systems That Keep You Healthy

 Your Five Systems That Keep You Healthy

When people in Denver, Colorado come to us for help to make lifestyle changes, they often want to lose weight or just boost their energy. What they ultimately end up doing is making themselves more fit and healthy. That’s right, changing your lifestyle has a huge impact on your health. It improves the five systems […]

Apr 29th
Workout Hard But Also Smart

Workout Hard But Also Smart

You can’t just go through the movements and expect to get the body you want. You have to put your heart and effort into it. However, effort isn’t enough. You do need to workout hard but also smart in order to maximize your gain. Whether you’re training for competition or just want to get a […]