Workout Hard But Also Smart

You can’t just go through the movements and expect to get the body you want. You have to put your heart and effort into it. However, effort isn’t enough. You do need to workout hard but also smart in order to maximize your gain. Whether you’re training for competition or just want to get a sculpted body, you need to approach it with knowledge. It takes more than constant work. In fact, constant work can actually diminish your gains if you don’t give your muscles time to repair.

You’ll build a weak foundation when you don’t workout smart.

You need a strong base. The sculpting and final finish muscle work will be for naught if you don’t have a solid foundation. Building muscle more slowly, but doing it right can help prevent future injury while also giving you a better final result. To maximize the results, besides working out, your body requires good nutrition and sleep. Make sure you eat healthy after training and get adequate sleep at night to maximize the benefits.

Combine cardio with strength training.

The more you can combine various types of workouts, the more you’ll get from a workout. Use HIIT—high intensity interval training for your strength training and weight lifting. HIIT is a form of interval training, which is also good. HIIT training involves going at top speed for a short period, followed with a recovery period and then back to full throttle. It gives you a cardio workout, plus strength training. You can even include flexibility training in the mix. It burns more fat than muscle and boosts the amount of human growth hormone, which helps build strength and muscle growth.

Focus on compound exercises.

When you do compound exercises, you’re working several muscle groups and joints at once. Compound exercises are excellent for developing that foundation of muscle tissue mentioned earlier. You work more muscles in less time when you do them. However, you still need isolation exercises that target a specific muscle group. They’re perfect for the final finish to create a perfect sculpted look and enhance specific muscle groups.

  • Compound exercises include deadlifts, pullups and leg presses while isolation exercises include dumbbell incline bench flyes and standing barbell curls and are just a small a sampling of each.
  • To build muscles, you either need to lift heavier or continue to increase the number of reps you do. Both high reps and lighter weights and higher weights with lower reps built equally well.
  • No matter which system you use, high reps w/lighter weights or heavier weights and lower reps, you have to lift to failure to build muscles.
  • When you eat makes a difference. Eat carbohydrate calories earlier in the morning. The body tends to store calories eaten later in the day in the form of fat. Spread your meals throughout the day.

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