Why Push-Ups Are So Good For You?

At JARFit in Denver, CO, I focus on workouts to help you reach your goals. Since many of you are working out at home, the best types of exercise are ones that don’t require any equipment, such as push-ups. While push-ups may seem quite old school, they make a huge difference in weight loss and shaping your body. They strengthen your core, helps achieve a flatter stomach and burns tons of calories.

Push-ups can be modified for any fitness level and to target different muscles.

Traditional push-ups train the upper body, but clenching the stomach muscles also tones the abs. They strengthen the muscles of the back, too. You can do a push-up anywhere and even modify them to meet your present fitness level. If you can’t do the traditional push-up, you can start with a knee bent push-up that’s easier. You can do incline push-ups, plank push-ups or modify how close or far apart your hands are to work different muscles. You can use equipment like a balance ball to add to the mix. Push-ups are versatile and can be used to work a variety muscle groups.

Push-ups improve muscle, joint and bone health.

You’ll work your shoulders, elbows and wrists and ankles to a lesser degree, when you do push-ups. The more you do them, the stronger the ligaments and joints will become. Since push-ups are strength building, they also strengthen the muscles and bones. Doing push-ups as part of your workout can help prevent osteoporosis, since they’re strength building.

You’ll boost your heart health with push-ups.

If you’ve ever done a few push-ups, modified or traditional, you know it can get your heart pumping fast. They’re hard to do. Push-ups are known to boost muscle strength, but they also provide help for your cardiovascular system. You’re using several large muscles at once when you do push-ups. That causes the body to create nitric oxide, which opens the blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. Consistently doing them, makes your heart strong and lowers blood pressure.

  • Including push-ups to a HIIT—high intensity interval training—workout can boost the benefits and burn tons of calories.
  • Push-ups are better for weight loss than straight cardio. Not only are you burning calories, you’re building muscle tissue. The more muscle tissue you have the easier it is to lose weight.
  • If you’re a woman, don’t worry about getting big bulging muscles when you do push-ups. It’s hard for women to build that type of muscle tissue. Instead, you’ll get the sleek toned arms everyone admires.
  • Doing push-ups can improve your posture. Improved posture not only gives you a look of confidence, it makes you look thinner, too. It pulls in your belly and gives that curvy, gorgeous appearance.

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