What Are Good Carbs?

If you work with me, you know I create personalized diets to help you reach your goals. But there are still people in Denver, CO, and across the nation that think one important macro nutrient, carbs, are all bad. You need all types of macro nutrients, fats, protein and carbs. There are good carbs. In fact, you need to eat carbs to be your healthiest. Let’s first examine what a carbohydrate—carb—is and why they’re so important for health. The category includes both unhealthy and healthy food. Carbs provide quicker energy and there are three categories, sugar, fiber and starch.

Exactly what is a low carb—keto—diet?

When you opt for a low carbohydrate diet, like the keto diet, you’re reducing the number of calories you get from carbs. They have been helpful for weight loss and even provide other benefits, such as lower blood pressure, improved HDL cholesterol, reduction of risk for cancer, coronary heart disease and stroke. It’s not so much about reducing all the carbohydrates, but more about the type of carbohydrate you eliminate.

Finding good carbs is easy.

You probably already are limiting the carbs that aren’t beneficial. It’s the junk food that you find at the checkout, like candy bars. It’s baked goods, candy and even pizza. Healthy carbs, on the other hand, come from the produce section and are found in the whole grain bread and cereal area. Fruits and vegetables are good carbs in most cases. These are the carrots, peppers, celery, apples, etc that are normally on the “healthy” list of foods. There is a group that isn’t horrible, but still quite starchy and not quite classified as good carbs. These include peas, corn, potatoes and squash.

You need good carbs for nutrients, fiber and energy.

Cutting out all the carbs in your diet is extremely unhealthy. These are mostly plant based and man has eaten plants for centuries. Carbohydrates provide quicker energy and contain vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals you need for good health. It takes time to process protein, which is why someone with hypoglycemia needs to eat a combination of carbs for the quick sugar and protein to sustain the energy boost. It’s also necessary for a good workout, which is why a combination of protein and carbs before and after a workout is important.

  • When you cut back on carbs, cut back on white flour, highly processed food, products with added sugar and junk food. Replace those types of carbs with a rainbow of color from fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Even healthy carbs can become unhealthy if they’re not cooked properly. While chili peppers are good carbs, pepper poppers that are breaded and fried aren’t necessarily the best option.
  • Foods high in carbohydrates also supply fiber. Some fiber, insoluble, doesn’t digest, but provides bulk for your stool. Other types of fiber, soluble, creates a gel that feeds beneficial microbes and also makes it easier to go.
  • Healthy carbs tend to have a lower carbohydrate count than unhealthy options. A cup of broccoli is 6 carbs, less the fiber that can’t be digested, bringing it to 3.6 net carbs. A cup of sugar is 199.96 net carbs by comparison.

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