Ways To Build Muscle

If one of your goals it to build muscle mass, there’s no better place to start than in the gym. Your muscles grow only when they’re worked harder than normal, so that means including strength training is a must. You need quality time exercising to get the changes necessary for mass. Running won’t do it. Running will burn calories, but the body doesn’t discriminate where it gets the calories, so it often burns muscle tissue and fat tissue. Strength training or HIIT training, which also can boost your cardio, it the route to go.

Start reading labels or better yet, eat whole foods, especially protein.

If you want to build, you need the materials necessary for muscle tissue. Choosing a clean diet tht has approximately 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight is necessary. If you’re serious, you’ll use foods that you prepare, but for those who just want a boost and aren’t prone to cooking, reading food labels helps. Eat approximately 500 more calories per day to provide the extra energy necessary to build.

Reduce the amount of cardio you do and lower your reps when lifting.

You don’t have to give up cardio entirely, just modify how you do it. Do about 30 minutes two times a week and make it light jogging. You can use HIIT—high intensity interval training—that will keep your muscles intact, but still burns fat. Go at top speed for a minute and then back it down to a moderate jog for a recovery period of two minutes. There’s a range of reps that does the most good when you’re building muscles. It should be between six to twelve per set and more than 12 sets but fewer than 20.

Change up your routine.

You’ll avoid boredom, but also give your muscle building a boost, while burning more calories when you vary your routine. The muscles get efficient when you do the same routine continuously. That efficiency means there’s not as much work going on, fewer calories burned and less muscle tissue being created. Don’t go beyond six weeks with the same routine without changing at least part of it.

  • To build muscle tissue, workouts shouldn’t be longer than 45 minutes for maximum effectiveness.
  • Eat more frequently. Six small meals a day are better for building muscle and burning fat. It keeps your metabolism firing on all cylinders, while providing the nutrients to build muscle tissue.
  • Do more full body exercises. It involves more muscle groups and releases more hormones for muscle growth. It also helps ensure all muscles get a good workout and provide balanced training.
  • Get adequate sleep. Your body needs it for recovery and to reduce stress. Keeping stress to a minimum is important since the body produces cortisol in response to stress. Cortisol causes the body to burn muscle and store fat.

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