Tips For A Healthy Heart

Many of you consider me a master at helping body builders in Denver, Colorado, but I’m actually more than just a body transformer. I believe in living a healthy lifestyle and sharing that information. That’s why I chose to share some tips for a healthy heart with all of you. Most of you are doing what it takes to make your body look great and a lot of that translates to a healthy heart. The key is continuing even if you no longer are focusing on competition.

Let’s start with the first tip and that’s knowing your numbers.

Most of you can quote exactly how many carbs you ate today and probably know a few of the numbers significant to good heart health, like your BMI—body mass index—waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio and maybe even your blood pressure. Do you know your LDL cholesterol number, triglycerides and fasting glucose? If you do, you have the first step to a healthy heart conquered.

What you eat makes a huge difference in whether you have a healthy heart or not.

Dr. William Li started a new focus on food as medicine. He notes that what you eat can help you prevent many of the serious conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. He also is focusing that field of study on curing those diseases with diet. Focusing on healthy whole foods without added sugar and trans fats is the start. Most of you are eating that way already, but for those that aren’t, sugar is in all parts of the American diet, including things you equate with healthy, like salad dressing. It’s the added sugar that causes problems, unlike the natural sugar in fruit that’s bound up by fiber and other nutrients. Cutting out sugar and eating whole foods can help anyone have a healthier heart.

Every time you workout, you’re helping your heart.

Exercise is another key to having a healthy heart, so if you’re considering a body transformation, you’ll be helping your heart in the process. While your abs are getting stronger, so is your heart. Exercise not only helps the heart muscle it increases circulation and lowers blood pressure. It also helps prevent obesity and diabetes that can lead to heart problems.

Even the healthiest, fit bodybuilder can have heart disease. Banned substances, such as steroids or hormones can create problems just like some performance-enhancing supplements can. Go natural. Do it with diet.

  • Exercising safely and using the proper techniques, which include breathing techniques can reduce the risk that can come from taking it to the limit.
  • Even if you’re at peak fitness, symptoms like heart palpitations, blackouts, dizziness and lightheadedness, chest pain, shortness of breath, upper body pain, nausea and cold sweats should never be ignored. Seek the advice of a physician if they occur.
  • At JARFit we develop a program that helps you build the body you want, while focusing doing it safely.

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