Thinking Nutrition

I see a lot of gyms in Denver, CO focus just on working out to get a sculpted body that’s muscular and lean, but you need more than just a great workout, although that’s a huge part of it. When it comes to the perfect body, thinking nutrition and exercise is the perfect blend for a title winning body that everyone will admire. Great bodies are often created in the kitchen, rather than just in the gym. What you eat makes a huge difference.

You can’t out exercise a bad diet.

No matter how many hours you put in at the gym, if you eat junk that’s loaded with calories, you’ll end up fat! While a Big Mac Extra Value Meal isn’t the junkiest of junk foods, it’s still loaded with calories and low in nutrients, qualifying it to be close to the top, you have to put in a lot of time at the gym or spend loads of time running to burn off all the calories it contains. When you calculate the medium fries, Big Mac and medium soft drink, you consume 1169 calories in just one meal. If you think your run will burn off those calories, then plan over a two hour run, because it takes two hours and thirteen minutes to burn all the calories you consumed in probably fifteen minutes or less. It’s just not worth it.

There are other consequences that come from eating junk food besides gaining weight.

If you’re getting more than 20 percent of your calories from junk food, you’ll not only suffer from weight gain, you’ll be inviting other negative changes to your body. One study showed that after five days of eating junk reduced the muscle’s ability to use glucose for energy. That’s the start of glucose resistance and type 2 diabetes. Junk food not only is short on nutrients, it’s short on fiber, which affects your digestion. Just one meal can spike your blood sugar and even cause higher blood pressure.

Dirty bulking won’t give you the chiseled physique you want.

You need to eat clean when you’re building the perfect body. Clean eating means keeping protein, carb and fat ratios healthy, which is a ratio of approximately 2 to 3 to 1. That helps you boost muscle growth without gaining fat. You need bicep-building protein, not waist-expanding carbs and calories to get the look that turns heads toward you, not away in disgust.

  • Eating healthy and thinking about nutrition as part of your preparation provides you with the nutrients you need to build muscle tissue. The food contains the proteins that break down to amino acids, which repair the micro tears in your muscles and makes them bigger.
  • While you need protein, eating too much won’t build muscles faster. In fact, those extra calories, whether protein or not, will simply increase your weight…and not necessarily with more muscle mass.
  • If you eat junk food and don’t get all the micro-nutrients your body needs, such as zinc or iron, you’ll stunt muscle growth, whether you have adequate protein or not.
  • Eating everything and anything just for the calories can also change your focus. Studies show junk food affect the thinking process, particularly the area that boosts will power. You’ll be more likely to skip or quit working out, which increases fat and decreases muscle-building.

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