Switch It Up

Whether you’re working with me in Denver, CO, or not, if you aren’t getting the results you want, then it’s time to switch it up. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and continue the same routine, but expecting different results is the definition of crazy. Varying your routine is important. Not only does it keep you more focused and interested, it makes your body work harder and in a lot of different ways.

Whether you’re new to working out and want a transformation or help reaching the best possible you, keeping your workout fresh is important.

As a fitness trainer, I’ve used a huge number of different exercises techniques and learned ways to overcome many problems faced by both novice and competition level body builders. Everyone has different needs and also different types of exercises they enjoy doing. Not all exercise has to be done in the gym, either. Skip the rowing machine and rent a boat to row. They’re both the same exercise, but one gets you outdoors and can be a pleasant diversion from your normal routine.

By changing your workout frequently, you can avoid overuse injuries.

Think of the distance runner and some of the injuries they often face. Shin splints, joint pain and Achilles tendonitis often occur from doing the same movement frequently. The repetitive strain injuries that occur in other types of exercise can be reduced by ensuring the right form is used, but the best technique is to keep the workout fresh and vary it frequently.

Muscles are used in different ways and move on a variety of planes.

To look and be your best, you need to ensure that every muscle group is worked and worked in a number of different ways. I have a favorite game I play when I’m with other fitness fanatics like myself. I try to guess a person’s favorite workout based on their body development. Swimmers are often easy to identify and so are marathon runners. The toughest ones to guess are people who vary their workout, because no one body part is overly developed and they move with ease and look fabulous.

  • Working out and switching it up boosts brain power. It helps the neural connectors and boosts your brain health.
  • You’ll enjoy conquering every new challenge you face when you adjust your workout more frequently. Sometimes, new moves are tough, which makes it even sweeter when you conquer them.
  • If you want to shed those extra pounds, but find you’ve plateaued, try a new workout program. Your body becomes efficient doing the same routine repetitively and burns fewer calories. Switching it up changes that.
  • Not only does JARfit have programs that keep it fresh and relevant, I also make sure each program is designed specifically for each client’s needs, goals and fitness level. You’ll find that switching it up with JARfit can bring great rewards.

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