Staying Fit As You Get Older

One way to look far younger than your years is to workout, eat healthy and live a healthier lifestyle. When you make those lifestyle changes, staying fit as you get older is far easier. Even though it’s harder, because of changes in hormones that occur with age, it’s not impossible. While your body starts losing lean muscle mass at 30, you can prevent it and even if you’re in your senior years, can reverse some of that muscle loss.

Getting more exercise and the right exercise program will change your body from fragile to fit.

While it takes longer to see results the older you are, it’s not impossible. Exercise helps you boost your metabolism. You need all types of exercise. Strength training builds muscle tissue and strengthens bones. Flexibility training helps keep you limber so you won’t pull a muscle just tying your shoes. You’ll walk with more pep because your more flexible and have more endurance from a well-rounded workout program. A program of regular exercise also helps keep your brain healthier and younger, too.

Eating whole foods and healthy foods is just as important as exercise.

Whole food, food closest to its natural state, provides nutrition without all the additives that can be toxic to your system. If your cupboards are filled with highly processed food that offers nothing in the area of nutrition, it’s time to make a change. Not only will organic vegetables give you loads of nutrients, with no chemicals, it also provides phytonutrients, such as anthocyanins the substance that makes blueberries blue and gives red and purple hues to other vegetables. Those phytonutrients not only work in conjunction with vitamins and minerals to add potency, they also provide protections of their own. Don’t forget to have healthy fat in your diet from avocados, nuts and fatty fish like salmon. You need healthy fats to have great looking skin and a healthier brain.

Besides eating healthy and working out, other changes can improve your life.

Other lifestyle changes that you’ll find beneficial, such as getting more sleep, staying adequately hydrated and learning to relax and enjoy life, are an important part of fitness. Adequate hydration is ultimately important to prevent achy joints, UTIs, brain and body health and focus. Dehydration can cause symptoms that resemble dementia. Adequate sleep is heart healthy and good for your brain. It allows the body to heal and muscles to build. Learning to relax, having a good social life and even smiling more can make you healthier, too.

  • Try to find ways to be more active every day, whether it’s by taking the stairs, walking to lunch or riding a bike to work. Make sure you get up and move for five minutes every hour if you have a sedentary job.
  • If you feel too tired to start a program of exercise, that’s exactly when you should begin. Not only will all types of exercise improve your energy, cardio workouts are particularly effective since they build your stamina and increase circulation.
  • If you stay fit as you get older, you’ll have a reduced potential for serious conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Your skin will look younger, your body will be more toned and you’ll look and feel more confident.
  • You’ll stimulate growth-promoting hormones when you do strength training. It helps repair damaged muscle tissue and builds muscle in the process. It can reverse muscle loss and in doing that, help prevent osteoporosis and may even reverse it.

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