Should I Be Eating More Calories For My Workout?

If you’ve started a program of exercise to help you lose weight, it’s easy to see how eating more calories for your workout can be counterproductive to your overall goals. Let’s start with the basics. You lose or gain a pound depending on your energy output and intake. If you burn more than 3500 calories than you eat, you lose a pound and if you eat 3500 calories more than you burn you gain a pound. It’s all in the numbers, so your goal is king when it comes to whether you need to increase the amount of calories you consume.

Do you want to lose weight?

Then don’t eat more. However, you also need to eat smarter. If your diet consisted of burgers, fries, soft drinks and sweet treats, it’s time to make a change. Instead, opt for whole foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables. You can eat more but consume fewer calories. Before you workout, have a pre-workout snack that consists of protein and carbs. Do the same after a tough workout. Changing what you eat allows you to consume the right type of food when it’s needed most, to help boost the body through a workout and replenish afterward for healing.

Are you working out just to build muscle tissue, but you don’t want to lose any weight or want to gain?

This is one place where you can increase the number of calories you eat but remember to keep it healthy. The body needs the building blocks of muscle to improve your overall fitness and the right nutrition. Don’t load up on junk food if you’re trying to gain weight. Instead, opt for foods higher in protein that can increase your calories, while providing all the nutrients you need.

Most bodybuilders that come to me want to lose fat and build muscles.

That combination takes a balancing act. You don’t want to cut back calories too severely or you’ll lose muscle building power. It’s one reason I provide specialized nutritional help for body builders who have specific needs. You need to cut your caloric intake, but not dramatically, reducing it slightly, based on how much you want to lose and your overall goals. Avoid high amounts of cardio. Instead, focus more on strength building. Most of all, include pre and post workout snacks and make healthier choices, with more emphasis on protein for muscle building.

  • There’s no one right answer to the question about increasing caloric intake. The answer is different for everyone. It’s all about eating healthy and making sure you have pre and post workout snacks to boost the effectiveness of the workout and help repair muscle tissue.
  • Too often, people who are too thin come to me for help, telling me they’ve increased their calories, only to find they fill their menu with junk and high amounts of sugar. To gain weight, you also need to eat healthier and focus on the right types of food to build muscle. Snickers bars won’t do it.
  • People often think they need to eat more once they start working out. They often overestimate the amount of calories they burn and tend to overeat. The normally ends with weight gain and discouragement.
  • No matter what your goal, reaching it is more about what you eat, than how much you eat. It’s about getting the most nutritional benefit from the calories you eat.

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