Muscle Gain Myths

You’d be surprised at how many muscle gain myths there are. I think I’ve heard them all since I started JARFit in Denver, CO, but sometimes people surprise me. They’ve read these myths on chat boards or heard them in the gym from the Adonis with bulging muscles. There are many reasons to build muscles and transform yourself, so whether you want to have a competition body or just the best body on the beach, we can help you learn the right way.

One big myth is that you can’t shed fat at the same time you build muscles.

It’s definitely harder to do, but both can be done at the same time. The key is not to cut your calories too drastically, just a hundred or two below your baseline amount. It’s also important to ensure that you get a good amount of protein, so your body has the raw materials to build muscle tissue. You need a good mix of strength training and cardio, plus flexibility training to prevent injury. I’ll help you with a program that’s right for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female, you won’t necessarily get bulky lifting weights.

Weight lifting is a great way to burn calories and help ensure those calories come from fat. It takes special training to build bulky muscles. Lifting them will help your heart and tone your muscles if you do strength training two to three times a week if you’re a man. Because women have less testosterone, building bulky muscles is even harder and requires almost complete dedication with a strict diet and hours of work. It requires a focus on the right type of muscle building exercises and lots of them.

Some people simply can’t build muscles is another myth.

While genetics, age and gender does play a role in how well you build muscle, they aren’t the final answer. People who are slender and have a smaller frame may find it more difficult to bulk up, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. In fact, with the right diet that includes adequate calories and protein, the right type of training program followed consistently and adequate sleep, you’ll be amazed at the progress you can make.

  • Another myth is that you need special equipment to build muscles. In fact, you can do it with bodyweight exercises alone. Barbells and dumbbells can provide a lot of help, but aren’t necessary.
  • To build muscles, you need to do isolation movement workouts is a myth. Compound movements build big muscles faster, but isolation exercises can sculpt the body’s appearance.
  • You need to focus on cardio is a myth. Cardio training burns calories, but takes those calories from both fat and muscle tissue. Strength training burns calories, while building muscle tissue.
  • One of the biggest problems I have to overcome with clients is that their buddy got great results with XYZ workout. Most people don’t realize that no one routine is the best way for everyone to build muscle tissue and what works for your buddy, may not work best for you.

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