Lose Weight Without Pills

Not only can you lose weight without pills, you SHOULD lose weight without pills. No matter how much the hype about a special diet pill, it’s either ineffective or unhealthy. Even if it worked and had no adverse effect on your health, after you quit the pills you’ve changed nothing and the weight will return. That’s because you go back to old eating habits that put on the weight in the first place. There are far better ways to shed pounds than a “magical” pill.

Some pills are all hype.

I was watching a commercial the other night advertising a specific type of diet pill. The people promoting the pill said all they did was take it and they lost twice as much weight in the study as a group that didn’t take the pill, plus, they didn’t change their eating habits. At the bottom, there was very, very, very small writing, which even with glasses on, couldn’t be deciphered. I was curious what it said, so prepared with a big magnifying glass for the next commercial. In the small print, it said the average weight loss with the pill was 0.8 of a pound over a ten week period. That meant, the other group lost 0.4 of a pound. The difference in weight could come from wearing different clothes or even avoiding water before weighing in. It wasn’t magic, it was all in the small print and not real weight loss.

Some diet supplements work by causing body changes that could affect your health.

Some ingredients in the supplements may or may not harm your body, but they also may or may not be effective or are far over priced. The supplements may make you feel full, like including psyllium. Psyllium isn’t harmful. In fact, it’s used for its laxative properties by adding bulk to your stool. It gives you a full feeling. Others may curb your appetite, like fennel seed or help burn fat, like green tea. These are so inexpensive purchased separately, so you’re spending too much for the pills. Products get dangerous when they speed your metabolism or keep your body from absorbing nutrients. They can cause high blood pressure, increase heart rate, cause insomnia, agitation kidney and liver damage or rectal bleeding.

The best way to lose weight and keep it off forever is through lifestyle changes.

Changing to a healthy diet and exercising regularly isn’t as easy as taking a pill, but it does far more than just take off pounds. It boosts your energy level, makes you look fantastic and can prevent those pounds from ever returning again. It also gives a sense of accomplishment that you’ll never get from popping a pill. Best of all, it works and boosts your health, rather than creating health risks.

  • A number of diet pills have been removed from the market. Ephedra increased the risk of heart attack and stroke. Hydroxycut damaged liver, kidneys and other vital organs. Fen-Phen caused lung and heart disease and Meridia was linked to cardiovascular damage.
  • Changing to a healthy diet doesn’t have to be difficult. Start by cutting out sugar, then go to processed foods. A trainer can show you how to make substitutions.
  • When you eat healthier, you don’t have to give up everything you love to eat. You just have to eat it less frequently and not as often.
  • Adding exercise to your daily life can also be simple. Make an effort to walk more, take the stairs instead of an elevator and add a quick workout you can do several times a day. Eventually, you’ll feel great and want to go to the gym.

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