Look And Feel Better – Naked And Dressed

There are a lot of fashion tips to hide the effects of being overweight or out of shape. Unfortunately, as summer comes, it becomes harder and harder to hide the problems as clothing becomes thinner, less covering and more revealing. Getting into shape with regular exercise not only helps you look fantastic, it helps you feel good, too. You’ll find that even without clothing you’ll look and feel better, which is a big plus to your romantic life.

There’s more to working out than just how great you look.

Sure, everyone wants to look their best, but there are more benefits from a healthy lifestyle than just the obvious improvement in your appearance. You’ll have more energy when you workout regularly and eat healthy. It does more than just let you get more work done faster during the day, it makes you enjoy the day more. You’ll have energy to play with your children at the end of the day or go out with your best friends or spouse for a night of dancing.

You’ll get a brain boost, too.

Healthy eating can give your brain a boost. Exercise has the same effect. When you eat healthy, it provides the nutrients that the brain needs to function its best. Unfortunately, when you don’t eat healthy it has effects, too. High amounts of sugar increase inflammation and are harmful to the brain. In fact, studies show that it can impair brain functioning and cause depression. Exercise also improves cognitive functioning and memory. It increases circulation to send oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the brain.

Looking good naked is important for romance and so is a healthy lifestyle.

Working out and eating healthy not only make you look and feel great, it makes you more amorous. That’s right! Studies show that exercise can be the perfect preamble to great sex. It stimulates circulation to all parts of the body, which also includes your sex organs, to keep them healthy and ready for operation. It burns off the hormones of stress that can interfere with the mood and put you in a better, more receptive mood. For men, it boosts testosterone levels to add to the mix. It also lets you feel great about your body with far less self-consciousness.

  • You’ll feel more social and happy with the world when you workout. Not only does it burn off the hormones of stress, it stimulates the body to produce ones that make you feel good.
  • Exercise improves your posture, which gives you a more confident look. People treat others that are confident with more respect. That should make you feel good.
  • Those aches and pains often disappear after you workout for a while. It’s good for helping with back pain, pain from arthritis and preventing injuries that cause pain. That makes life better.
  • Not only will your body look thinner and more buff when you workout, your skin will also look better. You’ll look years younger than you are when you live a healthy lifestyle.

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