Kettlebells Vs. Dumbbells

When you train with me at JARFIT in Denver, CO, you get a personalized program based on your goals and level of fitness. Some of my program may include workouts with kettlebells, while other people may have ones that use dumbbells. In many cases, I use both types of equipment. Kettlebells are different from dumbbells, since their balance is off-center, working stabilizing muscles harder.

Do you want to get stronger for dynamic moves, like power lifting or sports that need explosive movements like basketball?

If preparing for activities that require explosive strength, you’ll find nothing better than kettlebells for training. They’re also good because of their off-center nature that keeps working your stabilizing muscles. Depending on the move, it could easily target not only the abs, but the pecs, shoulders, glutes, quads, hips, lats and hamstrings. Kettlebells do more than build muscles, it builds amazing strength. You’ll burn more calories with kettlebell training.

Dumbbells provide all types of training.

There’s a reason dumbbells are used more frequently, they have a lot of uses. You can use them for building strength and building muscles with more precision. You can focus your training on specific muscle groups or start with a generic group of basic moves for a total body workout. It’s easier to learn the proper form for exercises with dumbbells than it is for those using kettlebells. Unlike kettlebells, where you swing the weight, it’s easier to identify precise movements with barbells.

Why not alternate the use of each.

One important thing to remember when using kettlebells is that you have to learn how to use them or could end up smacking yourself and causing injury. Because there’s no swinging action with dumbbells, they’re a little safer and don’t require as much initial training. You can use kettlebells in similar moves as you do dumbbells for most exercises. In fact, for some exercises, the exercise is done the same way.

  • Why would you consider kettlebells? It’s great to break the monotony of traditional workouts with weights. It adds interest and focus to your workout. In fact, many clients say using kettlebells is fun and makes them look forward to using them.
  • No matter which type of workout you choose, kettlebells or dumbbells, ensuring you have proper form is important. Lack of good form can cause injury or minimize the benefits.
  • For people just starting with a fitness program, I highly recommend the use of dumbbells first. Once you build competence with dumbbells, you can work up to kettlebells to add explosive movements.
  • Kettlebells not only are good for strength building, they provide range of motion workouts. You can get a good cardio workout, too. You can get a great cardio workout with dumbbells if you do a HIIT workout or circuit training.

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