Is It Better To Workout In The Morning Or Evening

If I work with a client in Denver, CO, the best workout time is always when I’m with them. For those who use my expertise from a distance, the best workout time, morning or evening, is often one of the first questions I get. It’s a bit more complicated than you might expect, but consider this. You know I create a personalized workout for each person. That’s because no two people are alike. The same is true for workout time. No two people have the same internal clock or schedule, so there are good reasons for either working out in the morning, midday or the evening.

Studies show that your hormone levels in the morning may make that time of day more beneficial.

If you want the best way to burn stored fat, you’ll exercise in the morning. The body has a hormone profile that metabolizes fat better. Growth hormone levels and cortisol are both higher and those are part of the metabolic process. That’s a plus for weight loss. You also get your workout out of the way avoiding the potential of your schedule becomes overcrowded.

Consider a lunchtime workout.

If you have a rigorous routine, like many of you do, midday may be the best time for you. While you’ll burn more fat in the morning, you’ll have the energy for your best performance in the afternoon. The reason is that you’ve eaten breakfast and sometimes lunch. That increases your blood sugar levels, so you have the energy for a tough workout. If you have an afternoon slump, you can avoid it with a workout at lunch. In fact, some studies indicate that you might actually burn up to 10% more calories than you would in the morning or evening, but the jury is still out on that one.

Don’t discount the evening.

While it may be handy to workout after work, so you can relax and end your day, unfortunately, relaxing is probably the last thing you’ll do. Exercise revs you up and sometimes makes it difficult to sleep if you do it too late, such as right before bed. Some studies show that working out at night can actually help suppress the creation of ghrelin—the hunger hormone. It could mean you will eat less and make it easier to lose weight.

  • Hate getting up any earlier than necessary? Try a morning workout for a few weeks. You might find that your body will adjust and be more alert in the morning.
  • An early morning workout may help productivity, since it burns off the hormones of stress. It can also mean you’ll feel happier all day, which is good for mental health. Researchers also show it’s easier to adopt healthy habits that are done in the morning.
  • For people that are definitely NOT morning people, no matter how many benefits it may offer to some, it simply won’t work for you. It can cause you to reduce your effort or even skip workouts.
  • The best time of day to exercise is the time of day you’ll actually do it. Whether you choose morning, afternoon or evening, pick a time and put it in your schedule. Be consistent and your persistence will pay off.

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