Indoor Vs Outdoor Workouts

Some people claim that it’s best to stick with an indoor workout, while other say an outdoor workout is best. Many of those reasons revolve around personal preference. For instance, the weather can be bad, which for most people can mean cancelling the workout, but that’s not true for the hardy who workout rain, snow, sleet and even hot weather. Is that a personal preference? In some cases yes, but in the case of extremes, weather is a real problem.

The benefits of working indoors.

When you workout at a gym you have an environment that’s controlled, so you’ll be more comfortable. If you have allergies or respiratory problems, it may be necessary, since the air is normally pollen free. People who workout in a gym tend to socialize and take classes or have a workout buddy. Finding someone to workout with when you’re in your back yard isn’t normally that easy. Working out inside means having easy access to equipment, such as machines and weights. For those without a trainer or a plan, it can make developing a workout regimen easier.

Working out in the great outdoors also has its benefits.

If you’re working out in a natural environment, it can help revitalize you and give you more energy. Studies show people often feel a decreased tension and more satisfied when exercising outside. That can mean a longer workout and even one that’s more strenuous. Let’s not forget the sun and the vitamin D it provides. The sunshine also reinforces your circadian rhythm to improve your efficiency.

Both working out indoors and outside have negatives.

If you have to join a gym to workout inside, that’s a huge negative. It can cost a lot over a year’s time. On the other hand, exercising outside is free, unless you ride a bike or use a mat, then these are one time investments and you have those pieces of equipment for quite a while. As noted before, the big drawback for outside exercise is the weather. If it’s too hot or too cold, it can actually be dangerous for those new to exercising and even for some who are pros at facing the elements.

  • You can easily switch your environment when you workout in the great outdoors. If you don’t want to exercise in the city, take your workout to the woods or exercise in the park, away from the concrete.
  • If you’re working out on lunch hour, the gym provides a shower and changing area to get back into working clothes.
  • Working out in the gym is often far safer than exercising outside. If you hurt yourself, someone is always there. Even bathroom facilities are more easily accessible working out indoors. If you need to use the bathroom, it becomes a big deal.
  • You can open the door and you’re ready to do an outdoor workout. You have to have transportation to the gym if you don’t have one set up in your home.

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