If You’re Tired Of Starting Over – Don’t Give Up

Have you ever gotten discouraged and just quit exercising? Some people do and then lose all the benefits they’ve gained. I see people in Denver, CO, and those online that struggle with their workout, often feeling like it’s useless and wanting to quit. My message to them is, “Don’t give up. Work through the struggle or the plateau. It’s worth it.” Giving up doesn’t eliminate the problem. In fact, you actually lose all the benefits you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Whether you’re struggling with weight or just getting back into shape, the problem didn’t happen overnight.

You didn’t just wake up one morning and found you’ve gained 80 or 100 pounds as you slept. It took years of bad habits to develop those excess pounds. Whether it’s a poor diet or a sedentary lifestyle, both contribute to getting overweight and out of shape. Maybe you’re one of those unlucky people who grew up overweight and never learned how to eat healthy to shed those pounds or exercise to tone the body. This is your second chance to a more normal life, where everything isn’t a strain and hard to do.

Did you lose your vision or faith in yourself?

Lots of things can make you want to quit. It can be anything. You might have a failure in another area of your life and think you don’t deserve to look and feel your best. Maybe you’ve simply given up hope or thought you couldn’t possibly lose weight. If you’ve slipped and ate a piece of cake, don’t let that stop you. Go right back to healthy eating the next day. That piece of cake shouldn’t determine the rest of your life.

Make your workout your go-to encouragement.

If your life feels like it’s falling apart, just start exercising. You can shut out the rest of the world and best of all, start feeling better as you get circulation going. Why do you think people pace when they’re under stress? It helps calm the mind and dissipate the stress. Enjoy it as you feel yourself conquering the roadblocks and enjoy the control you feel over your muscles. Sure you may get tired, but it’s a good tired that says you’ve accomplished something great that will change your life forever.

  • Whether you’re working to be your best in a competition or just want to look your best everyday, consistency is the key. We’ll provide the best advice, but you have to follow it.
  • Always believe in yourself. That motto works no matter what your goals. When you believe in yourself, that belief shows and others believe in you.
  • Track your progress closely. Record your workout sessions, track your food intake and note even the smallest changes in your progress. Winners keep score.
  • Remember, if you skip one day, you’ll not lose much progress, but one day often leads to two, then ten or more. Once that happens, you’ll lose a lot of ground that it took a lot of effort to gain. Don’t give up, ever.

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