How To Motivate Your Family To Be Healthier

We’re a nation of cell phones and computers, to the point some people never enjoy the outdoors or do any type of exercise. Too often fast foods and frozen meals replace the healthier options, which is why obesity has become the leading cause of preventable deaths. It’s at epidemic levels. You may want to make lifestyle changes, but your family balks at the idea. How do you motivate your family to be healthier? Being a good role model is a start.

Use meal planning and choose healthy foods.

Healthy foods don’t have to be all Brussels sprouts and broccoli. It can be fun foods like spaghetti squash, should intrigue your kids immediately. When you opt for meal planning, you use one day a week to plan and look for sales, one day to shop and the weekend or your days off to make the meals. You can freeze them for use the rest of the week, so it takes only minutes to prepare them.

Make family time an active time.

Maybe you don’t have a family time. Maybe you should start. Having fun together as a family is the glue that keeps everyone together and creates memories. Rather than going to the movies, go for a hike and pack a lunch to eat on the way. Get up earlier and walk your kids to school rather than drive them. It may actually be quicker, since you won’t have to sit in the drop-off line for twenty or thirty minutes. Spend a day at the zoo or an amusement park where you do a lot of walking or go to a museum. Neither seems like exercise until the end of the day when your legs tell you how much you actually walked.

Plan gifts around activities.

You might be a good role model, but you could be a great one. Make gifts active. Get the whole family roller blades or ice skates, bicycles or even hula hoops, based on your budget. Plan bicycle trips, have hula hoop contests or spend some time at the rink. Put a basketball hoop on the garage door and shoot hoops with the kids. It doesn’t matter if you’re any good, they’ll love the time you share. Sporting equipment makes a far better gift, especially if it leads to spending more time with the kids.

  • Have fresh fruit and veggies cut up in the refrigerator in bite size pieces. Make your own healthy dip and get fancy by putting it in the small cup containers used in restaurants. You’ll definitely get the kids to eat more veggies and fruit.
  • Staying active can mean being productive. Kids feel better when they learn to help. Make chores active by doing them to music or just doing them with vigor. You can have contest and give points for the cleanest window/room/lawn, fastest time and the most accomplished.
  • Keep Fido active while you also exercise. Your pet is a family member and needs to get exercise, too. Both you and your children can play with the dog or cat to make that happen. Dangle string, throw a ball or play hide-and-seek with a squeaky toy.
  • Get the kids involved with meal planning and cooking, especially for snacks. Kids can measure one serving size of nuts and put them in individual bags as snacks, make ants on a log—celery filled with peanut butter and topped with raisins, or help in other ways.

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