How To Know When You Need To Gain Weight For Your Health

It’s just as unhealthy to weigh too little as it is to weigh too much. Yet, often I have people come to me to lose weight who don’t need to lose weight. At JARFit in Denver, CO, I focus both on getting the body you want, but also being healthy. Sometimes, you need to gain weight for your health. Identifying the healthiest weight for your body is important.

Check your BMI.

Your BMI is your body mass index. It’s a calculation that uses your height and weight. The chart has height along the side with weight at the top and where the two intersect, that’s your BMI. A BMI below 18.5 is considered underweight. However, the amount of muscle you have makes a difference, since muscle weighs more per cubic inch than fat does. BMI can be used to indicate the potential risk for serious conditions caused by excess weight in younger adults, but that’s not true in older people, since it’s better to be too heavy than too thin if you’re older.

Weight, waist circumference and BMI are generalizations.

While looking skinny and unhealthy is a good sign, the other measurements are just generalizations. Some people will have a higher BMI because they have longer torsos, which weigh more than limbs. Others will show a higher BMI because they have more muscle tissue. Look for signs like thin limbs with veins prominent, although prominent veins can be deceiving. Just look at bodybuilder’s arms. If joints look larger compared to the rest of the limb, menstrual periods are irregular, a weak immune system, hair loss, fatigue and dizziness can be signs.

Being too thin is just as dangerous as being too heavy.

In older adults, it’s actually worse. People who have been thin all their lives and have been told they’re too thin may not be as at risk as those who recently became underweight. Normally, unless there’s an effort to do it, losing lots of weight without trying to do so is an indication of a serious condition. If this happens, see your health care professional for a check-up.

  • Eye-bags that are pink, not black, which don’t go away with sleep, can be a sign be a sign you’re too thin. If you can count more than four ribs without touching them, you’re also far too skinny.
  • If you can wrap your fingers around your upper arm so the tip of the middle finger touches the thumb, you’re definitely too skinny. People who are too skinny also have extremely narrow wrists.
  • Eating a healthy diet can help. Avoid sugary treats and unhealthy, yet fattening snacks. Instead, stick with whole foods that are higher in protein, like homemade protein/fresh fruit smoothies, rice, nuts, nut butter, red meat, salmon and oil fish.
  • Add exercise, but make sure you’re eating healthy too. Don’t over do it, but increasing your exercise can help you gain weight. It can increase your appetite, while putting on muscle and is mandatory to anyone who wants to gain weight.

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