How To Gain Weight Quickly

Clients contact me at JARFIT in Denver, CO, for help with all types of fitness problems. While it doesn’t happen very often, some need to gain weight quickly, but also in a healthy manner. There are a number of reasons to add weight and many center around bodybuilding and sports, but some are health related.

Sometimes movie stars have to gain weight quickly for a part.

Recently, Mark Wahlberg had to gain 40 pounds in four weeks and he did it with a seven thousand calorie diet for two weeks and an eleven thousand calorie diet for two more. The diet was specifically created for him by a nutritionist and all involved agreed it wasn’t a healthy option to put on weight so quickly. The movie followed the life of a boxer who turned priest and was to be filmed in just 30-days, so the quick transformation from body supreme to body bloated was necessary.

While Wahlberg admitted he ate some junk food, eating quality food is the way to go.

Wahlberg confessed that the first few days he was delighted to eat some junk food, after years of being on a fitness regimen, but it got old soon. In many cases people who try to bulk up on junk find it actually makes them feel sick and is counterproductive. You can gain weight by eating healthy, doing clean bulk. It’s a combination of strength training, and eating calorie-rich and nutrient dense food to gain weight via lean muscle mass. The extra nutrients will help you build muscle and improve your overall health at the same time.

You need to start by tracking how much you’re eating right now.

Unless you know where you’re starting, you don’t know how many extra calories you need to add. Make sure your diet is rich in nutrients and whole food, then eat more of it. If you need to add more calories, drink protein shakes that have nutrients, protein and additional calories. One important part of your regimen should be getting more sleep. You need to sleep at least six hours a night and it’s best if you sleep eight to nine. Get naps during the day if it’s possible. Make sure you have adequate vitamin C, D, E, zinc and protein to avoid stretch marks.

  • Your diet should include food like nut butter slathered on whole grain toast or snacks of trail mix with dried fruit and nuts. Avocado, whole eggs, red meat, nuts and seeds, full fat cheese and butter should be part of your diet.
  • Add healthy extras to every dish you’d normally eat. If you normally eat an egg or two in the morning, top that egg with cheese or sprinkle extra cheese on your salad and add a few slices of avocado.
  • Instead of fruit that contains filling fiber, opt for fruit juice. You can do the same for vegetables, too, if you have a juicer. Eliminating some of the fiber—not all of it—will help you consume more calories without filling up too quickly.
  • Do strength training with a heavier load, but don’t overtrain. I can create a specific training program specifically for those who want to gain weight that will build muscle faster to pack on muscle pounds.

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