How To Build Muscle Naturally

Do you want to build muscle naturally? If you’re visiting my site, it’s probably a top priority. If you haven’t already started and unsure about how to begin, why not start out right? Our body transformation program is great no matter what your level of fitness. Most people searching have already started a program for building muscle tissue and shedding fat and aren’t getting the results they hoped to achieve. While you’ll get the best advice that’s geared specifically for your needs if I’m your trainer, I’ve listed a few ways to help anyone on their path to a natural, more muscular body.

Growing muscle requires dedication and lots of work.

Increasing the weight you lift is the road to building muscle tissue. The more weight you lift, the stronger you’ll be and the bigger your muscles will be. Using compound exercises, rather than isolation exercises is also important. It works more muscles and even helps people who find it tough building muscle tissue. Squat, deadlift, bench and overhead press are good moves. If you want to improve endurance, increase reps and lower weight, but only by adding extra weight can you boost size.

What you eat makes a huge difference.

What do you need most for building muscle tissue? Protein, of course! One study in the Journal of Applied Physiology suggested consuming a gram of protein per pound of body weight. Other experts recommend less. The type of protein you eat is also important, just as when you eat it is. Spreading your protein intake throughout the day is accepted as the best method in some circles. One thing everyone agrees on is the type of protein to eat. High quality protein from eggs, salmon, yogurt, chicken breast, shrimp, lean beef and tuna are excellent.

Consider liquid protein and carbs.

There was a study at the University of Texas that found that a protein-carb shake right before a workout or a protein snack could boost muscle building. The shake they used in the study contained both carbs and essential amino acids. The theory on why the shake boosted growth was that the blood flow to tissues was increased, which allowed the muscles to get its benefit easier. Even though a high protein snack, like a turkey sandwich also worked, the liquid protein allowed for faster absorption.

  • Our partners offer some great protein supplement options. One even has protein popcorn, so you can snack and build your protein store.
  • Rest a day between weight lifting/muscle building workouts. Your muscles need time to mend. Attempting to build muscle tissue every day is counterproductive.
  • Eat carbs after a workout to slow the protein breakdown. One of the best to eat at least once a day is ice cream. Have a bowl two hours after a workout. It triggers an insulin surge and slows or stops the protein breakdown after a workout.
  • If you want the best results, get a personalized program. I’ll create the perfect one for you and your body type that gets results quickly.

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