How Meal Planning Can Save Money

Whether you’re working with me in Denver, CO, or any other part of the country, you know I suggest meal planning to help you build muscle and shed fat. If that weren’t enough, it also can help save money, something everyone is interested in doing now days. What is meal planning? It’s much less daunting than it sounds, but it does take some work. We also provide a way to cut that work in half and get the best possible menus to fit your needs.

It all starts with creating a menu.

If you’re working with us, this part is a breeze. It’s already done for you and created to your specific needs. There’s no need to look up recipes or tally up both micro and macro nutrients. We did the work for you. Create your grocery list. That’s the first step to save money. Check online grocery ads to find the best prices and even clip a few coupons, too.

Do your shopping after a meal on Thursday or Friday afternoon.

How does that save you money? Think about the last time you went to the store. How many items were in your cart that you never intended on buying. Of course, eating before grocery shopping is always the best idea. It also helps prevent not only unplanned buying, but also prevents those embarrassing moments when you’re checking out empty cookie containers, having eaten the contents. Most people have done that at least once.

You cook your meals on the weekend, doubling the recipes for later.

Cooking and freezing your meals on your days off lets you come home to a heat and serve that’s far faster than even sitting in the drive-through line. When you double the recipe, you can freeze meals for not only that week, but another week later. Before you know it, you’ll have your own personal stock of heat and serve meals. All you’ll need to do is add fresh fruits or vegetables for snacks, salads or dessert.

  • One important feature of meal planning is that you have the perfect serving size ready. There’s no problem with portion control that can really destroy plans to lose weight. It also saves money by eliminating waste that occurs when you have leftovers.
  • Don’t forget to plan snacks. If you’re using our aps, you don’t have to worry. We include all three meals and snacks.
  • Meal planning makes it far easier to take advantage of coupons. You find and sort them before you hit the grocery, so you’re ready at check out to save more money.
  • When you consider what take out and junk food costs, you’ll be glad you opted for meal planning. Most people find they have money left over at the end of the month.

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