How Fitness Helps With Mental Health

I get many calls from clients who have found their energy waning and no longer want to workout. While they may struggle for the answer, I believe it’s lack of exercise and healthy eating that can cause this. Whether you live in Denver, CO, or any other area, the lockdowns, uncertainty and virus has taken its toll. It’s time to push yourself and get back into a routine, since fitness helps with mental health.

Working out can make you feel great both mentally and physically.

Working out can boost your cognitive functioning, while also improving your spirit. If you’re under stress, and let’s face it, who isn’t these days, it burns off the hormones that stress creates for fighting or running from danger. That alone can make you think clearer. That’s because those hormones cause blood to flow to areas of the body needed for fight or flight. When you’re working out, you’re mimicking those actions in many ways, so your body goes back to normal.

Many more mental health professionals are using exercise for mild depression and anxiety.

Instead of rushing into using medication, many mental health care professionals are now prescribing a program of exercise as the first line of defense for patients with depression and anxiety. For patients with more severe cases, exercise is used as an adjunct therapy. Hormones are one of the reason for this. Not only does exercise burn off stress hormones, it stimulates the body to create hormones that make you feel good.

You’ll boost your brain power when you workout and that can make you feel better, too.

Exercise increases your cognitive powers according to many new studies. In fact, there are many studies that are now using exercise to help fight cognitive decline and dementia. The basis of these studies is the finding that exercise, particularly cardio workouts, help increase the creation of new brain cells, called neurogenesis. That strengthens the part of the brain for memory, called the hippocampus. It improves how the brain performs.

  • Exercise helps you sleep better and lack of sleep can cause both cognitive decline and also mental health issues. Not only will you sleep more, you’ll get the right type of sleep for better mental functioning.
  • Lack of confidence plays a role in your mental health and exercise can help boost your confidence. It aids with posture and that can make you look and feel more confident.
  • Getting your blood flowing to your brain, providing increased oxygen and nutrients can help in many ways. It stimulates the body to create neurohormones that boost your mood.
  • Have you ever wondered why people pace when they’re nervous. Part of the reason is the body’s natural reaction to stress and the need to eliminate it with movement that burns stress hormones.

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