Home Workouts To Get Ripped

There are plenty of home workouts to get ripped that don’t require that you own your own home gym. For those of you that work with me at a distance, you know I provide them based on your goals and needs. For the beginner, who doesn’t have gym equipment, many of the best workouts start with bodyweight exercises. There’s no worry about the expense of buying any equipment and you can start immediately. I’ll focus on just a few exercises today.

Do this group of bodyweight exercises to build muscles and burn fat.

A huge benefit of doing bodyweight exercises, besides being able to do them anywhere and without buying any equipment, is that you can adjust and modify them easily, based on your level of fitness. You can add more reps, increase intensity by increasing speed and even modify the actual form to change the muscles you work. Push-ups, lunges, pull-ups, planks and squats are the basics. You can modify the exercises to work various body parts.

A push-up and a plank can be combined for core strength.

Talk about boosting your core strength and building your upper body. Combine the push-up and plank and you get the benefit of both. While the plank is amazing for abs, the compound movements of the push-ups build the chest shoulders and triceps. Start in high plank position with the weight on your hands, then slowly lower yourself to a forearm plank, one hand at a time, squeezing your glutes, abs and legs as you do. Once lowered reverse your movement, pressing first one hand and followed by the other to lift yo to upright position.

Modify squats and lunges to work other muscles or make them easier on the knees.

You do a regular lunge by stepping one foot forward and kneeling down with both legs forming right angles and the back knee on the floor. You can modify the lunge by doing a reverse lunge, lunge walk, pendulum lunge that combines a forward and back lunge and jump lunge, where you jump up after you lunge to get back to starting position. Squats are easy to modify to work various muscle groups. Widening your stance for a plié squat, doing a side kick as you come up, and doing a one leg squat are just three of the many modifications you can do.

  • You can do pull-ups without a bar by laying on the floor and using a table to pull-up or wrapping a towel around a door knob and pulling yourself forward and making them pull-ins, rather than pull-ups.
  • I always work with diet when I help people get ripped. What you eat is important. A ripped body starts in the kitchen and no matter how hard you work, you can’t out exercise a bad diet.
  • Create a circuit training session using the basic bodyweight exercises or make your workout a high intensity interval training session—HIIT, where you vary the intensity to get the maximum results.
  • I’ll create the best possible workout for you based on your goals, personal needs, and access to equipment, plus create a diet that will help you build the ripped look you want that gets nods of approval at the beach and wins competitions.

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