Home Workouts For Your Shoulders

You don’t have to go to the gym or have slews of equipment to do home workouts for your shoulders. Bodyweight exercises can do the trick. Of course, having dumbbells, makeshift dumbbells or even resistance bands can help provide diversity to your workout. There are several parts to the shoulder muscles, the four rotary cuff muscles and the deltoids that give the rounded look to the shoulders, which have three parts. At home exercises should work all parts.

Start with planks.

These trusty exercises are also versatile and modifying them even moderately can work different muscles or the same muscles in different ways. While the traditional plank will work the core muscle primarily, but still provide shoulder work, you can boost the amount it works the shoulder by gripping the ground with your fingers as you do the plank. A raised plank with a crunch is another modification. The list is endless as one small change in form can work a muscle differently.

While a push-up is good, modifications can add variety and improve your shoulder muscles.

Modifying how you do a push-up also works the shoulders in different ways. A scapula push-up, which is in push-up position and simply pushes the shoulders, works the shoulder muscles in one way. Single arm push up, feet elevated push-up, upper body elevated push-up and hands wide T-push-ups are modifications that work shoulder muscles in a different manner. Of course, traditional push-ups also work the shoulders.

If you have weights or even milk jugs filled with sand, a dumbbell lateral raise can give you the look you want.

What’s a dumbbell lateral raise and what muscle does it work? It works the middle deltoid. Stand tall with your best posture and your feet at hip-width. Your arms should be at your side either holding water bottles, soup cans or dumbbells. Raise your arms to your sides until they’re at a 90 degree angle to your body and level with your shoulders with your palms facing downward. Lower your arms slowly back to starting position.

  • If you have a pull-up bar at home, pull ups are great for the shoulders. You can adjust your grip and work different muscle groups. A wide grip works deltoids, a narrow grip puts more strain on the shoulder muscles.
  • If you have dumbbells or water bottles/soup cans, do a reverse fly. Bend forward, holding a dumbbell in each hand with arms hanging straight down and palms facing. Keeping your back flat, raise your arms parallel to the ground, and squeeze your shoulders then lower your arms.
  • Something as simple as upward stretches can be beneficial in building those shoulder muscles. Not only does it lengthen the muscle tissue, it increases flexibility and range of motion.
  • I’ll create the best workouts for you to do at home based on your needs and how much equipment you have. In fact, when you work with me, you’ll get a variety of workouts you can do anywhere that are based on your goals.

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