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No matter what you do to boost your fitness, it’s a good thing. I’m not dissing fitness classes, just saying there might be a better, quicker way in Denver to get into shape. That’s by using a personal trainer. While fitness classes will get you moving and provide a good amount of exercise, a personal trainer will create a plan designed specifically for your needs. Not only that, some trainers also provide nutritional advice to help you eat healthier. That’s normally not the function of a fitness class.

Before you even begin working out, the trainer learns more about you.

Unlike a fitness class where you pay your money and then join a group, trying to stay up with them and learn the workout, when you go to a trainer it’s completely different. You don’t immediately have a workout, unless it’s during the assessment procedure. First the trainer learns your goals and whether you have any special needs, which can include physical limitations like weak knees or a bad back. The trainer may have you do some exercises to assess your four types of fitness, endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. Only then does the trainer create a plan designed just for you.

The program will be specifically for you and change as you get fitter.

At first, you’ll think that it’s impossible to reach the goal of successfully completing your workout, but it won’t take long before it’s almost easy. That’s because your fitness level improved. That’s when the trainer ups the anti and makes the program harder, to match your new fitness level. When you’re in a fitness class, once you have the workout conquered, you just do it. There’s no reaching for the next level.

Fitness classes don’t offer nutritional information.

One thing fitness classes don’t normally offer is nutritional advice. Personal trainers do. They don’t give you a diet, although there may be samples for you to follow until you learn how to eat healthy. Diets don’t work. They leave you feeling deprived and often hungry. The worst thing about a diet is that it always ends. Then you go back to old eating habits that put on weight in the first place. Instead of a diet, trainers show you how to make smarter choices when you’re eating.

  • Personal trainers switch workouts frequently to help avoid boredom and plateauing. Plateauing occurs when the body becomes too efficient at doing a specific movement.
  • A personal trainer not only designs an eating plan and workout plan specifically for your needs, he or she is invested in your success and provides the motivation to help you succeed.
  • You’ll get results faster when you work with a personal trainer, since the program is geared to your needs. Great results are super motivating, so you’re more likely to stick with the program.
  • Trainers track your progress so they can adjust your workout and dietary needs. When you’re in a fitness class, it’s all up to you.

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