Find Your Confidence

If you’re working out, you’re probably focusing on building strength, endurance or flexibility or maybe shedding weight. However, one huge benefit of getting into shape is also the confidence it builds. I see it all time here in Centennial, CO. People start working out with a totally different focus and as they come closer and closer to their goals, they develop an air of confidence and have more presence and commanding appearance.

One reason working out builds confidence is that it improves your posture.

That’s right! Improved posture makes a huge difference in how confident you look. The most amazing part of the improved posture is that the more it improves, the more confident you look and actually feel. There’s an old phrase from self-help journals that’s “act as though.” That means that if you act as though you’re something, you fill in the blank, you become that thing. That’s certainly true for confidence. Part of the reason is that people treat you differently, so you react differently.

Reaching a goal builds confidence, too.

If you’ve attempted to get fit before and failed, you know how bad that can make you feel. However, for those that work through the tough days and see success or start to see success, it adds a whole new level of confidence. It makes you feel like you’re capable and able to achieve any goal you set. That’s actually true. You also get the skills in setting goals, breaking that goal down to smaller steps, identifying what it takes to achieve each step, set a timeline and checking off each step as you achieve them.

You’ll look better and that definitely makes you far more confident.

Getting a new, fitter appearance is all about boosting your confidence. It’s better than buying a new outfit, because it’s more than just what covers your body, it’s your actual body that looks great. Clothing will fit better if it was snug. If you lost weight, you might even have to buy some new clothing, giving you the confidence from the clothing and the confidence built from your new, far thinner body.

  • Working out is stress buster and stress can pull the stuffing out of you and leave you feeling like a frump. Burning off that stress gets you back to your old self that’s far more self-assured.
  • Working out makes you feel sexier and more attractive. That’s a huge boost for anyone in the romance department.
  • You’ll think clearer when you workout regularly. Studies show that regular exercise boosts cognitive thinking and helps memory, too.
  • You’ll develop mental toughness, so small setbacks won’t get you down. Mental toughness is the ability to keep going toward success, even after others have quit.

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