Easy Essential Eats

You don’t have to be a chef to make some of the healthiest foods. There are easy essential eats that don’t require much effort. If you want a healthy snack before you workout or one to eat afterward that helps build muscle tissue, try slicing apples and putting peanut butter on the slices. The apple provides the carbs that you need for quick energy and the peanut butter provides the protein to help build your muscle tissue. The combo is filled with vitamins, minerals and healthy fat, too.

If you’re good at chopping veggies, you’ll be the chef of the hour for this easy meal.

A whole grain wheat pita stuffed with a variety of healthy veggies, dressing and thinly sliced turkey or chicken breast can be a delicious and nutritious meal. You can chop or grate any veggies including cucumbers, red pepper, lettuce carrots and cabbage, mix them together and mix with the chicken or turkey and a healthy dressing, like one made with 1/3 cup of Greek yogurt, two tablespoons of mayonnaise, pepper and a tsp of Dijon mustard. Cut the pita in half, put in lettuce and top with the mixture.

Breakfast is an important part of the day.

You can get many of the nutrients you need during breakfast. Some healthy breakfast options don’t require much time to make or very much talent, so they’re super easy and super healthy, too. Do you need extra protein in your diet, combine milk and oats, then microwave a 2 to 3 minutes. Add a scoop of whey protein, mix and sprinkle blueberries on top for a nutritious filling meal. Eggs are another good option. A meat-veggie omelet can provide protein and veggies and hard-boiled eggs are a good on-the-go choice.

Get the ingredients ready ahead of time.

Cooked skinless chicken breast, hard-boiled eggs, cooked whole grain pasta and cooked brown rice should all be in your refrigerator ready for you to assemble into a meal. Have veggies cleaned, sliced, chopped or grated in bags and when you’re ready to make a meal, just assemble them. Keep canned salmon or tuna on the pantry shelf, have fresh fruits or canned fruits in their own juice available. Low fat cottage cheese is a good side dish, just as frozen vegetables are. One easy to assemble recipe uses cooked brown rice, cooked shredded chicken breasts, canned red beans all mixed with a little barbecue sauce and served with a side salad.

  • Make egg salad from the hard-boiled eggs and stuff it in a whole wheat pita pocket or serve on whole wheat bread with spinach leaves. If you want more protein, add a bit of tuna to the mix.
  • Homemade trail mix with nuts and dried fruit make a good snacking option with little effort. You can also make mix and serve peanut butter balls with peanut butter, oats or wheat germ, dried cranberries and protein powder. Roll them into balls and then roll in wheat germ so they aren’t sticky.
  • Applesauce or canned fruit and cottage cheese pair together well as a good side dish that’s packed with protein and nutrients or simply pair an apple with a small dish of cottage cheese. It’s no cook and nutritious.
  • A steak burrito takes a little more effort, but most of it can be prepared ahead and warmed when you’re ready to eat. Saute black beans with diced onions, garlic, cinnamon and chili, warm thinly sliced flank steak and pile on a warmed burrito shell with salsa, guacamole, tomatoes and lettuce.

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