Do You Have A Fitness Routine?

When you first think of a fitness routine, you picture a workout regimen that includes exercises like squats or lunges. A fitness routine is more than that. It may start with a program of exercise, but also should include a healthy diet, plenty of sleep and many other factors that lead to living a fit lifestyle. What you eat should be addressed first, since great bodies start in the kitchen. Next, turn to a workout program.

You are what you eat, so meal prep can get you on the road to a healthy fitness routine.

What is meal planning? It’s the concept of planning meals one day, including a shopping list. Shopping on the next day and preparing meals on the weekend or when you have the most time. It keeps you focused on healthy eating and makes it far easier than stopping for take out, so you’ll be more apt to stick with the program. We can help you with meal plans, all you have to do is prepare them and enjoy. Meal prep also helps you learn how to eat healthy and develop healthy eating habits that last forever.

Schedule your workout at the same time.

Your workout is important and should be a top priority. That means you should put it in your schedule as you would any other appointment. It should have flexibility, strength, balance and endurance exercises so you attain all types of fitness. While having one routine that you know well is what many people do, you need more than one workout routine. You need to make sure you work all muscles on all planes and vary the workout to avoid plateauing. We can help you with a workout designed specifically for your needs.

A fitness routine means you drop bad habits and encourage good ones to replace them.

Do you smoke, drink, take drugs or other substances that can damage your body? Stop! Replace those bad habits with good ones. For instance, switch to sipping water throughout the day and ensure you get a good night’s sleep. Both of those are better for your body, for good health and a better appearance. Never underestimate the importance of sleep. Your body releases HGH—the human growth hormone—when you sleep. Your muscles also recover. Make sure you get at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep.

  • Keep a sleep schedule too. It’s important for maintaining your internal clock, which helps you wake up easier and fall asleep quickly. Don’t change your schedule just because it’s the weekend.
  • Stay mentally positive. Your attitude is a very important part of your persona and can make the difference between success and failure. Practice staying positive and finding the best in life.
  • If you find you’re having a hard time with looking at the bright side or suffer anxiety when posing, learn meditation and breathing techniques to help you in stressful times. Stress takes it toll on your body.
  • Take time to stretch frequently. Big muscles tend to be stiff muscles if you don’t have adequate flexibility training. You can also take time to stretch throughout the day. It helps with blood flow, while reducing the potential for injury even when you’re not working out.

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