Do Testosterone Boosters Ever Work?

If you’ve read articles about how great testosterone boosters are for both the bedroom and building muscles in the gym, you may be tempted to use them. Not only do they promise the traditional male enhancing properties, like boosting your libido, they also promise to aid in muscle gain and endurance. The question is whether they work or not. If they work, can you just take a pill and expect the results you want? Most people who have worked out for years already know the answer to this question.

Both human growth hormone and testosterone control the results you’ll get.

If you want to build muscle, slow the aging process, improve your strength or get better recovery, it’s all related to the amount of testosterone and growth hormone you produce. Eating loads of protein and a diet with enough carbs can give you the energy to build, but you need more. You need to workout hard and rest between workouts, but the biggest factors are your hormone levels. If you’re not producing enough testosterone or growth hormone, your progress will be slow. Since aging slows the production, it’s one reason older men take longer to get the same results as younger ones.

Testosterone builds muscles, physical strength and gives the features of masculinity.

Do you want to boost your testosterone production? Take your stress down a notch to do it. The stress hormone cortisol drives testosterone levels down. Cut out alcoholic beverages and increase your sex life. Just one week without sex can drop testosterone levels quickly. Do increase your resistance training, which boost testosterone levels, too. Make it weight over endurance.

You can get some help with the right testosterone booster.

There’s a lot of reasons for low testosterone, which include aging and poor nutrition. By supplementing for nutritional deficiencies and using supplements that optimize testosterone production, you can get gains in strength. Supplementation is just that, supplementing all the other changes with a booster. Some of the best boosters can increase bioavailable testosterone by almost 290%, but it takes an entire program to get the results you want.

  • If you want to boost testosterone, eat more saturated fat, but reduce body fat. If you have a body fat level of 30% or more, estrogen, not testosterone, is produced.
  • You can increase your testosterone levels with targeted eating. A good diet for building includes 35 percent protein, 45 percent carbs and the rest fat.
  • Nutrients that boost testosterone include zinc, from oysters, chicken and red meat, allicin from garlic or onions and the combination of nutrients found in cruciferous vegetables.
  • You cannot build muscle without testosterone and while testosterone boosting supplements can help, you need to change your diet and exercise habits to get the best results.

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