Do I Need To Sweat Daily?

Working out hard will build a sweat, so do you need to sweat daily? The answer is no. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, you need a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise each week. While you’ll have to work harder to get a competition body, doing long hours of strenuous exercise daily may be counterproductive. You need a day or two to let your muscles heal. That doesn’t mean you sit around but do more of a recovery activity than a strenuous workout.

Sweating doesn’t mean the workout was necessarily good.

No sweat doesn’t mean the workout isn’t beneficial, either. Sweat is the body’s cooling device. While some think it tells you how many calories you burned, that’s not always true. Sweat cools your body as it evaporates, so you don’t overheat. While a tough workout may cause you to sweat, it’s not necessarily the barometer to register the benefits.

Each person is different and so is their sweating patterns.

You may know someone or even be the person that sweats with just light physical activity, like walking across a room. There are also people that can work hard for a long time without breaking a sweat. Even the temperature, humidity and your level of fitness makes a difference. Some people have an internal program to sweat quicker than others do, while sweating may require a super hot room and tough exercise routine for others.

Aiming for daily sweating may create a condition known as overtraining.

If you aim for working hard enough each day to sweat profusely, it may or may not cause overtraining. That all depends on your body. However, doing a strenuous workout daily isn’t necessarily good, especially if it’s weight training. Your body needs time to heal the micro tears that pushing it to the limit can cause. You need a day away from strength training for rest.

  • Taking a day of rest away from a strenuous workout doesn’t mean you’ll lay on the couch. You can do active recovery. Active recovery can be walking, swimming or doing yoga or other form of stretching.
  • If you’re overtraining it can cause symptoms like fatigue all over your body, shortness of breath and interrupted sleep. Doing high-intensity workouts can cause an imbalance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, keeping you in a constant state of fight or flight.
  • Continuous days of high intensity workouts without rest between can lead to muscle inflammation, including in the airways of the lungs. That means you’ll produce more phlegm and get more head colds.
  • I will create a personalized program that will help you build muscles without over-exercising. Over-exercising is actually counterproductive. It doesn’t allow muscles to heal, so you don’t get the bulk you want.

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