Diet Vs Lifestyle Change

When you workout with JARFit in Denver, CO, you can get help with an exercise program just for you and nutritional help. Nutrition plays a huge role in whether you get the look you want or not. In order to get that great body, you may have to lose weight. No matter how good your abs are, if they’re covered with a layer of fat, nobody will see it. What is the best way to shed those extra pounds? Is it through diet or making a lifestyle change?

Diets don’t work.

You may lose weight counting calories or carbs, but are you giving your body the nutrients they require? Can you sustain your eating pattern long after you lost the weight or do you go back to old eating habits that put on the weight in the first place, condemning yourself to a lifetime pattern of yo-yo weight loss. Too often diets are restrictive, and they don’t allow for the variety of foods you need to be your healthiest. That’s especially true of fad diets.

Eating healthy never ends.

Diets always end, either you lost weight and immediately head for the cookie section in the grocery or it ends in the middle of the night with a feast of any junk food you can find in the fridge. Either way, empty calorie foods make their way back into your life. When you eat healthy, it doesn’t mean you can never have a sweet treat or a bit of that birthday cake, it just means you can’t eat the whole cake or make cake the main part of your daily fare. Even if you overdo it, you just go back to clean eating the next day.

You don’t have to count carbs or calories, so eating healthier is easier.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to eat healthy. America has been sold a bill of goods that isn’t necessarily good for health or the waistline. For instance, you’d think low fat food would be a great option, but it’s not. The fat gives the food flavor, so to make it more palatable, manufacturers add sugar. That’s even worse than fat. The fat in many foods is healthy. Fat fills you up and keeps you feeling satisfied for hours. The sugar replacement digests quickly, raising your blood sugar level and before you know it, you’re hungry again.

  • Opting for a healthy eating plan may have sample plans to help you learn to eat healthier, but it’s not a diet. There are many choices based on your particular body, preferences and needs. It helps you develop healthy habits so you’ll never have to diet the rest of your life.
  • Making a lifestyle change in your diet isn’t just about weight loss, calories or carbs. It’s about providing your body with adequate nutrition to be its strongest and healthiest.
  • What you drink plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle. Cutting out soft drinks and increasing water intake not only helps you lose weight, but have more energy and feel your best.
  • Part of a healthy lifestyle includes getting adequate sleep. It’s important for weight loss, too. If you don’t have enough sleep, the body produces more ghrelin, a hormone that makes you hungry, and less leptin, one that makes you feel full. That makes weight loss even harder.

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