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Plan Features…

  • Experience accelerated muscle growth
  • Custom workouts designed for full body shredding and competitive advantage
  • Get a plan designed to get you on stage feeling confident
  • Meal plan and grocery list geared towards competition level fitness
  • 24/7 online support, posing critique and competition insight

Are you ready to get serious about nutrition?

Most of the meal plans and grocery lists out there are not designed to meet the needs of a competitive bodybuilder. The most important thing to get you 5% lower body fat or gain 7 pounds of muscle in your upper body isn’t going to come from training. It will come from what you put in your body. Balancing your nutrition can be extremely time consuming and costly. We have years of experience and will help you develop an easy and cost effective system that won’t disrupt your life.

All successful Bodybuilders have mentors and coaches

If you are serious about competing you need to have a coach. All other serious athletes know this is 100% true. Having someone who is able to give you insider knowledge about competing successfully will bring your performance to the next level. Do you think that Arnold Schwarzenegger designed his own program? He had mentors and coaches that allowed him to achieve enormous success. Don’t go at it alone.

Meet the pros, Jason and Tamika…

They are dedicated to your process. From the minute you begin your evaluation they are invested in your meeting your goals, keeping you motivated and ready to train.Both of them have been able to transform their bodies and are now successful fitness pros. Jason began his transformation in college and went from a skinny teenager to a 230 lb bodybuilder in a few short years. He is now well respected competitor and expert trainer.

Tamika competed in gymnastics in high school and ran track at the University of South Dakota where she was an All-American athlete. After graduating she found her passion for bodybuilding and training others. Despite their intense work ethic they are very laid back and down to earth.

When they first opened, their focus was getting bodybuilders to the next level of competition. Locally they have helped countless athletes become novice, open and masters class champions in all divisions, and have helped over 10 athletes earn Overall Titles!  They now bring those expertise to the masses helping people from all levels of fitness achieve various fitness goals!

Since opening in 2013 we have helped over 150 people reach their fitness goals. Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level?

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