Coach Nate McCarter

Hello everyone, my name is Nate McCarter! I am a personal trainer and competitor with team JARFit. My passion and purpose in life is to help others. During the first part of my professional career, I began helping others by serving in the Marine Corps as an Infantry Officer. I now help others by assisting in the transformation of individuals’ bodies and lives. I have a true passion for fitness that has developed in me since I was a young boy participating in football, baseball, and then eventually competitive gymnastics. Gymnastics played a large role in my desire to learn more about fitness and most importantly, remain fit. Throughout middle school into my freshmen year of college, I participated in competitive gymnastics. I soon found my real fitness love in resistance training. During my college years, I learned all I could about resistance training while feeding my competitive nature as a member of the United States Naval Academies Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team. Upon graduation from USNA, I entered the Marine Corps and was introduced to a brand-new form of fitness, functional fitness. With a desire to continue my education in the world of functional fitness, I became certified in High-Intensity Tactical Training (HITT). To add more tools to my fitness tool belt, I also become a certified Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor while serving in the Marine Corps. After leaving the Marine Corps, I decided it was time to step into the fitness industry and received my Personal Trainer Certificate from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. 

I decided to use the fitness industry as a platform to serve others because fitness is my passion. I want to show others how great it is to take control of your health through an active approach! The decision to stay healthy is the best one you can make for your life, and I want to be that guide for those who decide to take on the journey to a healthier life. 

I believe that the key to a successful fitness program is finding one that works best for each person on an individual basis. I relish the opportunity to customize a program that perfectly fits each of my clients- I know there is no one size that fits all! It is my mission to create a program that will facilitate in successfully achieving your fitness goals in a sustainable and effective manner.