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Do you find your ambition starts to drop at about four-thirty or five and you literally drag yourself home, to spend another night in front of the TV or computer? It may not have always been that way. You used to have more energy. Don’t blame it on age. Getting older doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll automatically run out of steam or get weaker. It comes from not being as fit as you should be. Let a Centennial personal trainer help change that.

Working out helps boost your energy.

The body is amazing. The more you work it, the stronger it gets and the more energy you have. The change doesn’t occur instantly, but you’ll still get instant relief from that dragged out feeling when you exercise. First, exercising helps burn off the hormones of stress. Stress can take its toll and make you exhausted. When you workout, not only does it burn off those hormones, it stimulates the brain to create new hormones that make you feel good. Exercise also boosts circulation that sends oxygen and nutrients to every part of the body. All that nutrient and oxygen laden blood is a wake-up call for the brain.

Personal trainers can help you eat healthier.

Eating healthy isn’t dieting. Diets don’t work. They always end whether you lose weight or just quit and then you go back to old eating habits that made you gain weight in the first place. That makes you have a yo-yo weight gain pattern that’s hard on your body. Eating healthy doesn’t leave you hungry or deprived. You’ll probable eat more than you do now, but make smarter choices when it comes to food.

Eating healthy can boost your energy, while it also helps you shed those extra pounds.

When you eat healthy, you eat more whole foods and fewer refined foods. You’ll consume less sugar, which is a real energy thief. When you’re tired, sugar can give you a huge boost. Unfortunately, that comes from a spike in your blood sugar. What goes up, must come down and it drops from a peak to a valley just as quickly. Suddenly, you’re ready to sleep at your desk and can barely make it to the door at the end of the day.

  • When you’re overweight, it’s like carrying a barbell around that weighs that amount. Just imagine how tired you’d be from carrying a ten pound weight all day. If you’re even more overweight, it’s even worse.
  • You’ll find that trainers make other recommendations that can help give you a mid-day boost. Instead of drinking coffee, try a cold bottle of water. It does the trick without the caffeine jitters or sudden loss of energy when it wears off.
  • You’ll be amazed that not only do you feel better when you workout and eat healthy, but you look better. That combination seems to turn back the clock.
  • You’ll sleep sounder when you workout. A good night’s sleep is important to how well you function the next day and also heart healthy.

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