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Do Testosterone Boosters Ever Work?

Do Testosterone Boosters Ever Work?

If you’ve read articles about how great testosterone boosters are for both the bedroom and building muscles in the gym, you may be tempted to use them. Not only do they promise the traditional male enhancing properties, like boosting your libido, they also promise to aid in muscle gain and endurance. The question is whether they work or not. If they work, can you just take a pill and expect the results you want? Most people who have worked out for years already know the answer to this question.

Both human growth hormone and testosterone control the results you’ll get.

If you want to build muscle, slow the aging process, improve your strength or get better recovery, it’s all related to the amount of testosterone and growth hormone you produce. Eating loads of protein and a diet with enough carbs can give you the energy to build, but you need more. You need to workout hard and rest between workouts, but the biggest factors are your hormone levels. If you’re not producing enough testosterone or growth hormone, your progress will be slow. Since aging slows the production, it’s one reason older men take longer to get the same results as younger ones.

Testosterone builds muscles, physical strength and gives the features of masculinity.

Do you want to boost your testosterone production? Take your stress down a notch to do it. The stress hormone cortisol drives testosterone levels down. Cut out alcoholic beverages and increase your sex life. Just one week without sex can drop testosterone levels quickly. Do increase your resistance training, which boost testosterone levels, too. Make it weight over endurance.

You can get some help with the right testosterone booster.

There’s a lot of reasons for low testosterone, which include aging and poor nutrition. By supplementing for nutritional deficiencies and using supplements that optimize testosterone production, you can get gains in strength. Supplementation is just that, supplementing all the other changes with a booster. Some of the best boosters can increase bioavailable testosterone by almost 290%, but it takes an entire program to get the results you want.

  • If you want to boost testosterone, eat more saturated fat, but reduce body fat. If you have a body fat level of 30% or more, estrogen, not testosterone, is produced.
  • You can increase your testosterone levels with targeted eating. A good diet for building includes 35 percent protein, 45 percent carbs and the rest fat.
  • Nutrients that boost testosterone include zinc, from oysters, chicken and red meat, allicin from garlic or onions and the combination of nutrients found in cruciferous vegetables.
  • You cannot build muscle without testosterone and while testosterone boosting supplements can help, you need to change your diet and exercise habits to get the best results.

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Look & Feel Better - Naked And Dressed

Look & Feel Better – Naked And Dressed

There’s nothing that feels as great as looking in the mirror and seeing the person you’ve hoped, planned and worked toward becoming. It feels great to see that sculpted body with the six pack abs and low body fat. Best of all, when you look this great, finding clothing is a breeze, because you aren’t trying to hide any flaws. You can look and feel better when you set your goals and work hard to achieve them, no matter what you’re wearing, even if it’s just a smile.

Decide what you want and then find a way to achieve it.

No matter what you achieve in life, it first takes a desire. If you’re tired of hiding your body and cover it with layers of clothing so nobody can see, you’re working hard, but not on the right things. Instead of spending all that time trying to hide your flaws, find a way to change them and make your body amazing. At one time, I used to tell people I could help them lose weight and build muscles, but I couldn’t do things like make them taller. Low and behold, one of my overweight clients with horrendous posture actually did end up growing an inch. Of course, it was the improved posture that did it.

Transform your body.

We can help you make that change from self-conscious in clothing to fabulous feeling no matter what you’re wearing with our body transformation program. While it won’t happen overnight, we can help you make it happen quicker than you’d ever expect possible. If you started today, you could be ringing the new year in with a new you that looks fabulous.

It takes both a healthy diet and a program of regular exercises.

If you’re working out regularly, but don’t change your dietary habits, you’re sabotaging your own efforts. You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. If you’re eating healthy, you’ll lose weight, but you won’t have that amazing look that comes with a toned body. Most of all, by combining the two, you’ll achieve your goal faster and keep weight off. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism and the easier it is to lose weight.

  • Even if you don’t look the way you want today, that shouldn’t make you hate your body. It’s counterproductive. The more you care about yourself, the more you realize you deserve to be healthy and look your best.
  • You’ll get the best of all worlds when you work with us online. You’ll get an affordable price with bi-weekly check-ins and a personalized program to help you reach your goal quickly.
  • We offer a free 30-day jumpstart plan so you can see the results before you make any commitment. There’s no better time than now to change your future and start a program of transformation.
  • Before you start any program, you’ll want to snap a selfie that’s a bit revealing and then do it again after 60 days. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

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Best Exercises For Muscular Endurance

Best Exercises For Muscular Endurance

While a lot of my focus in Denver, CO, is strictly body building, I also include exercises for muscular endurance. It’s just as important to your overall physique. While the ultimate goal is to build an aesthetically pleasing symmetrical physique, building strength and endurance is also important. It can help you train harder and vary your workout.

Building muscles is top priority and endurance training won’t do that, but you still need it.

There are a lot of ways to train for competition, incorporating endurance training is one of those. It won’t cause hypertrophy, which is the ultimate goal, but still is an important part of the workout. Endurance training can include a wide variety of workout, including cardio. You can use free weights or bodyweight exercises, too. The load should be approximately 70 percent of the one repetition maximum with a volume of two to four sets of 10 to 25 repetitions. The rest between sets should be short, approximately 30 seconds to one minute.

Basically, muscle endurance is doing one exercise to failure.

If you want to have a few basic endurance exercises you can do anywhere, choose bodyweight exercises, like the plank. Do five reps and hold as long as possible. Your body should be quivering at the end of the fifth repetition. Walking lunges is another exercise for endurance. Five sets of 30 is a good start. There’s no better workout in my mind than plain old push-ups. Five sets of twenty will build endurance quickly.

You’ll get more from your workout by doing supersets.

If you want the strength to grow muscles and maximize the time in the gym, do duo exercises, such as supersets for the same part of the body or two exercises for opposing muscle groups. Give your chest a workout with a combo of push-ups and bench press or combine a superset barbell bench press with flys drop set.

  • When you work for endurance, you’re setting your body up to be stronger to get more from each and every workout. Every workout, whether bodybuilding or not, should include a balance of strength, flexibility and endurance training.
  • If you want the endurance of Superman, you have to do a few supermans. It builds your back strength and endurance. Hold arms and legs off the ground briefly, then lower. Repeat fifteen to twenty times. Don’t arch your back or raise your head while you lift arms and legs.
  • Calf raises, V-ups, tuck jumps and lifting lower weights for high repetitions all build your endurance. Work on all parts of the body, including your cardiovascular system.
  • I’ll design a program for your workout that can prepare you for contest or help you reach your peak potential. It will contain just the right balance of exercises for your goals. Try our free 30-day jumpstart plan.

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Nutrition For The Traveling Athlete

Nutrition For The Traveling Athlete

Whether you’re traveling for fun or going to a competition, sticking with the routine and healthy diet is important. It keeps you on pace and you won’t lose ground. While your dietary needs are the same as when you’re at home, getting adequate nutrition for the traveling athlete is more difficult. Some of you use juicers and food processors at home, but traveling with all your kitchen appliances isn’t an option that most people want to take. Rather than letting everything slide and starting from scratch when you get home or facing the potential that all your work will be for naught at competition, finding ways to eat healthy, while traveling is the best way to resolve the problem.

Plan ahead.

No matter where you’re going, planning ahead to ensure there are healthy options available is important. Check out the hotel or location you’re staying, restaurants, groceries and farmer’s markets in the area. Are you staying in a house or in a hotel? That makes a difference, too. You have far more options for healthy eating in a house with a kitchen. Your mode of travel also makes a difference. If you’re taking a bus or car, there’s room for a cooler and packing healthy food for the road. Flying brings different challenges.

Make sure you stay hydrated.

A diet higher in carbs right before you leave helps build extra energy and increases fluid stores, but you should drink a cup of fluid every hour if flying. Don’t drink tea, coffee, alcohol or soft drinks as they dehydrate you. Plan ahead by eating probiotic foods a few weeks ahead to boost your immune system and also adjust your body to the new time zone. Go outside as soon as possible after you land to adjust to the new time. Pack nourishing snacks, like nuts and fresh fruit to eat on the plane.

If you’re driving, it’s easier to pack what you need.

You can fill your cooler with healthy snacks to eat on the drive, but it’s best to stop at a rest stop and sit down outside for the meal. Getting out of the car and moving around is important for your circulation. Plan ahead with some exercises to do at the rest stop. If you’re spending several days on the road, plan ahead by mapping out stops where healthier food is available. There are always whole food stores that have a deli or healthy restaurant options. It’s all about planning. Make sure you have plenty of water and everyone on the bus or in the car has a bottle available at all times.

  • Some snacking options, such as raw vegetables, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, berries and hummus are great options for driving. For flying, dried and fresh fruit and nuts are good.
  • Don’t forget local options like farmer’s markets, for snacks along the way. Buying organic fruit locally is an option that you can use as you drive or when you arrive.
  • Whether your travel is for fun, business or competition, don’t change your eating habits just because you’re on vacation. Choose from sensible options from buffets and stick with your dietary restrictions if you’re in training.
  • If you need more help on how to stick with healthy eating when you’re on the road, that’s part of the coaching program at JARfit. Just ask and we’ll help.

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Switch It Up

Switch It Up

Whether you’re working with me in Denver, CO, or not, if you aren’t getting the results you want, then it’s time to switch it up. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and continue the same routine, but expecting different results is the definition of crazy. Varying your routine is important. Not only does it keep you more focused and interested, it makes your body work harder and in a lot of different ways.

Whether you’re new to working out and want a transformation or help reaching the best possible you, keeping your workout fresh is important.

As a fitness trainer, I’ve used a huge number of different exercises techniques and learned ways to overcome many problems faced by both novice and competition level body builders. Everyone has different needs and also different types of exercises they enjoy doing. Not all exercise has to be done in the gym, either. Skip the rowing machine and rent a boat to row. They’re both the same exercise, but one gets you outdoors and can be a pleasant diversion from your normal routine.

By changing your workout frequently, you can avoid overuse injuries.

Think of the distance runner and some of the injuries they often face. Shin splints, joint pain and Achilles tendonitis often occur from doing the same movement frequently. The repetitive strain injuries that occur in other types of exercise can be reduced by ensuring the right form is used, but the best technique is to keep the workout fresh and vary it frequently.

Muscles are used in different ways and move on a variety of planes.

To look and be your best, you need to ensure that every muscle group is worked and worked in a number of different ways. I have a favorite game I play when I’m with other fitness fanatics like myself. I try to guess a person’s favorite workout based on their body development. Swimmers are often easy to identify and so are marathon runners. The toughest ones to guess are people who vary their workout, because no one body part is overly developed and they move with ease and look fabulous.

  • Working out and switching it up boosts brain power. It helps the neural connectors and boosts your brain health.
  • You’ll enjoy conquering every new challenge you face when you adjust your workout more frequently. Sometimes, new moves are tough, which makes it even sweeter when you conquer them.
  • If you want to shed those extra pounds, but find you’ve plateaued, try a new workout program. Your body becomes efficient doing the same routine repetitively and burns fewer calories. Switching it up changes that.
  • Not only does JARfit have programs that keep it fresh and relevant, I also make sure each program is designed specifically for each client’s needs, goals and fitness level. You’ll find that switching it up with JARfit can bring great rewards.

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How To Build Muscle Naturally

How To Build Muscle Naturally

Do you want to build muscle naturally? If you’re visiting my site, it’s probably a top priority. If you haven’t already started and unsure about how to begin, why not start out right? Our body transformation program is great no matter what your level of fitness. Most people searching have already started a program for building muscle tissue and shedding fat and aren’t getting the results they hoped to achieve. While you’ll get the best advice that’s geared specifically for your needs if I’m your trainer, I’ve listed a few ways to help anyone on their path to a natural, more muscular body.

Growing muscle requires dedication and lots of work.

Increasing the weight you lift is the road to building muscle tissue. The more weight you lift, the stronger you’ll be and the bigger your muscles will be. Using compound exercises, rather than isolation exercises is also important. It works more muscles and even helps people who find it tough building muscle tissue. Squat, deadlift, bench and overhead press are good moves. If you want to improve endurance, increase reps and lower weight, but only by adding extra weight can you boost size.

What you eat makes a huge difference.

What do you need most for building muscle tissue? Protein, of course! One study in the Journal of Applied Physiology suggested consuming a gram of protein per pound of body weight. Other experts recommend less. The type of protein you eat is also important, just as when you eat it is. Spreading your protein intake throughout the day is accepted as the best method in some circles. One thing everyone agrees on is the type of protein to eat. High quality protein from eggs, salmon, yogurt, chicken breast, shrimp, lean beef and tuna are excellent.

Consider liquid protein and carbs.

There was a study at the University of Texas that found that a protein-carb shake right before a workout or a protein snack could boost muscle building. The shake they used in the study contained both carbs and essential amino acids. The theory on why the shake boosted growth was that the blood flow to tissues was increased, which allowed the muscles to get its benefit easier. Even though a high protein snack, like a turkey sandwich also worked, the liquid protein allowed for faster absorption.

  • Our partners offer some great protein supplement options. One even has protein popcorn, so you can snack and build your protein store.
  • Rest a day between weight lifting/muscle building workouts. Your muscles need time to mend. Attempting to build muscle tissue every day is counterproductive.
  • Eat carbs after a workout to slow the protein breakdown. One of the best to eat at least once a day is ice cream. Have a bowl two hours after a workout. It triggers an insulin surge and slows or stops the protein breakdown after a workout.
  • If you want the best results, get a personalized program. I’ll create the perfect one for you and your body type that gets results quickly.

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Tips For A Healthy Heart

Tips For A Healthy Heart

Many of you consider me a master at helping body builders in Denver, Colorado, but I’m actually more than just a body transformer. I believe in living a healthy lifestyle and sharing that information. That’s why I chose to share some tips for a healthy heart with all of you. Most of you are doing what it takes to make your body look great and a lot of that translates to a healthy heart. The key is continuing even if you no longer are focusing on competition.

Let’s start with the first tip and that’s knowing your numbers.

Most of you can quote exactly how many carbs you ate today and probably know a few of the numbers significant to good heart health, like your BMI—body mass index—waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio and maybe even your blood pressure. Do you know your LDL cholesterol number, triglycerides and fasting glucose? If you do, you have the first step to a healthy heart conquered.

What you eat makes a huge difference in whether you have a healthy heart or not.

Dr. William Li started a new focus on food as medicine. He notes that what you eat can help you prevent many of the serious conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. He also is focusing that field of study on curing those diseases with diet. Focusing on healthy whole foods without added sugar and trans fats is the start. Most of you are eating that way already, but for those that aren’t, sugar is in all parts of the American diet, including things you equate with healthy, like salad dressing. It’s the added sugar that causes problems, unlike the natural sugar in fruit that’s bound up by fiber and other nutrients. Cutting out sugar and eating whole foods can help anyone have a healthier heart.

Every time you workout, you’re helping your heart.

Exercise is another key to having a healthy heart, so if you’re considering a body transformation, you’ll be helping your heart in the process. While your abs are getting stronger, so is your heart. Exercise not only helps the heart muscle it increases circulation and lowers blood pressure. It also helps prevent obesity and diabetes that can lead to heart problems.

Even the healthiest, fit bodybuilder can have heart disease. Banned substances, such as steroids or hormones can create problems just like some performance-enhancing supplements can. Go natural. Do it with diet.

  • Exercising safely and using the proper techniques, which include breathing techniques can reduce the risk that can come from taking it to the limit.
  • Even if you’re at peak fitness, symptoms like heart palpitations, blackouts, dizziness and lightheadedness, chest pain, shortness of breath, upper body pain, nausea and cold sweats should never be ignored. Seek the advice of a physician if they occur.
  • At JARFit we develop a program that helps you build the body you want, while focusing doing it safely.

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Female Body Building

Female Body Building

Whether you want a transformation to a better you or are focused on entering competition, every woman can benefit from female body building. When you hear the word bodybuilder, most people automatically think of a man, but more and more women are competing today. Some female bodybuilders aren’t even competing but just for the love of looking better and becoming the best they can be. There are benefits all women can reap from bodybuilding. Looking great is just one.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to develop a lot of bulk, unless you want to do it.

Because of the lower testosterone levels, bulking up for women requires a lot more work and perseverance. It’s tough, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman. Women can increase their percentage of muscle mass by as much as a man, but they both have different starting points. What you will do when you take up body building is lose fat and that’s a huge benefit. The more muscle tissue you have, the higher your metabolism is and easier it is to keep weight off.

When you think about bodybuilding, you automatically think of working out, but it’s more than that.

Getting the best possible body means being dedicated to working out, but also to a healthy diet. No matter who you are, eating healthier is a true health benefit. While it can help you lose weight, it also can help you build muscle tissue, look younger and stay healthier. There’s a lot of research into how diet affects overall health and can make a huge difference in reducing the potential for serious conditions like heart disease and cancer. Learning how to eat healthier and making it a lifestyle choice will keep you younger looking and healthier than others in your age bracket.

You’ll have far more energy when you start a program of weightlifting and bodybuilding.

Many studies show that you’ll boost your energy when you workout. The National Institute of Health published a study that showed that the more a person increased their energy expenditure, the more energy they had to expend. It doesn’t take a study to realize that after a few months of body building. You’ll also sleep better at night, which is sure to give you more energy.

  • Osteoporosis is more prominent in women than men. This disease that decreases bone density is helped by building muscle tissue and weight bearing exercises. In fact, one study showed it is better than some medications, with the only side effect a better looking body.
  • Improve your heart health as a woman bodybuilder. It normalizes blood pressure, improves cholesterol and makes the heart stronger, reducing the risk of heart disease.
  • Shake off the stress of the day when you start your bodybuilding workout. It makes you feel more than just strong, it makes you feel fabulous and content. A good workout can get rid of that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.
  • Contact us as JARFit for a program that fits your goals. We work with everyone from those that want a makeover to the elite of bodybuilding who want help capturing their next title.

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The Advantages Of Body Building

The Advantages Of Body Building

If you thought the only advantages of body building were developing a great looking body and loads of confidence, you are very wrong. Bodybuilders get far more benefits than just that, although that’s quite a lot! Those large muscles are helping to fight potential muscle loss faced by most people as they get older, which also leads to gaining weight and osteoporosis. There are even more health benefits that every body builder will enjoy.

You’ll lower your risk for heart disease.

If you’re bodybuilding you’ll decreases the risk of coronary disease, but make sure you do it naturally, without steroids or other unsafe supplements. The aerobic exercise and weight training aids in lowering and maintaining your blood pressure, creating a healthier cholesterol profile and preventing obesity. Add to that a healthy diet and you have the perfect formula for heart health.

A healthy body means a healthy mind.

Your body, mind and spirit all work together to create who you are. When you’re working out, you’re also improving your concentration with the boost in circulation. It improves your focus and helps with cognitive functioning. Best of all, it can help get rid of stress that can create brain fog and cause many other health issues if left unattended.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling great about looking your best or feeling confident.

I know a lot of people that started bodybuilding because they didn’t feel good about themselves. While looking good won’t solve all your problems, it does build confidence and help you learn that anything is possible if you have the determination to stick with the plan and the common sense to seek help from the best sources. Not only does the exercise burn off the hormones of stress, it helps reduce anxiety and depression, while boosting your endorphins to improve your mood.

  • Bodybuilding can help you sleep better at night. Exercise not only helps you sleep, it helps you have a better, sounder sleep, so you wake up refreshed.
  • The eating habits you develop when you are bodybuilding will last your whole life. The healthier food and regular exercise keeps you younger looking for longer.
  • Everyone gets older, but when bodybuilders do, they live healthier and have less tendency to getting feeble. Eventually, it may occur but at a later age than others.
  • Contact JARFit for help starting your bodybuilding program. We create personalized programs to help you no matter what your fitness level or challenges. We work with both men and women to transform bodies and create champions.

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Skinny To Fit

Skinny To Fit

If you’re familiar with our trainers, you already know that Jason’s story is all about making the transition from skinny to fit. It’s a prime example that not everyone needs to lose weight and each person follows a different road to fitness. That’s what makes JarFit so outstanding. We understand that no two people have the same body or the same goals. We work with each person on an individual level, creating their path for success.

There’s a difference is dietary recommendations for everyone, no matter what their size.

If you want to gain muscle tissue, while shedding fat, you need a completely different diet than someone who wants to build large muscles, but has limited body fat. Everyone has a different physiology. Some people believe that people who are overweight have an easier time building muscle tissue, but that’s not necessarily true. A lot of things affect muscle development. Hormones, insulin levels and even your body type—somatotype—makes a difference. Understanding all those factors helps us create the perfect diet and exercise program.

It takes consistency and the right type of exercises, too.

You can spend a lot of time doing the wrong workout and you won’t end up with the body you hoped to build. Not all workouts are the same. For instance, if you’re trying to lose weight and build at the same time, doing less cardio and more strength training is important. In fact, doing too much cardio, such as running is actually counterproductive. Not only doesn’t it build muscle tissue, it often burns it for calories.

If you want to go from skinny to fit, you need a solid plan of action.

I have lots of clients that have been working out for years and have been entering competition, but want to improve their performance in those competitions. I also have clients that are just starting and want a transformation. Both need a plan of action. In some cases, those in competition need a refinement with a few corrections to achieve their best. For those who are new, we help direct them from the very start to success.

  • Our transformations include meal plans, exercise plans and ways to track progress. There’s easy meal planning with all the work done for clients, to make it extremely easy to eat healthy.
  • Our custom plans make it far easier to reach the goals you want to reach. They’re easy to follow and outline precisely what you need to do to go from skinny to fit or fat to fit and everywhere in between the two.
  • Increasing your protein, particularly if you’re skinny, if you’re easier if you use protein supplements. It helps provide both the calories and protein you need to get buff.
  • With the right attitude and the willingness to put in the work, anyone, no matter what their present body looks like, can have the body they always wanted.