Building Muscle Without A Gym

If you’re worried that you won’t have the room in your home for all your gym equipment and there are no gyms open nearby or they’re just too expensive, you can still get the muscular look you want. Building muscle without a gym is far easier than you may think. You can do it with a few simple items or skip the equipment altogether. It all depends on what you can afford, have the space for and really want to do.

Start with the obvious, bodyweight exercises.

Here’s a piece of equipment that only gets better the more you use it. Bodyweight exercises have been used for years to build muscles and tone all parts of the body. When you think of bodyweight exercises to build muscles, think push-ups, pull-ups, calf raises, lunges and squats, just to name a few. There are multiple variations of these exercises. To maximize the benefits, increase the repetitions and decrease your rest time. Use variations on the basics to work all muscles on all planes. I’ll help create the perfect program for your needs.

Consider simple pieces of equipment.

Consider a TRX suspension trainer or resistance bands, both of which can help you build muscles without taking up much room and can be stored easily, no matter how small your home. Both are quite portable, so you can travel with them, take them to a playground to use or use them at home. You can use either to build strength, tone or build muscle tissue. They follow the same principles of using body weight and resistance to make muscles stronger.

Create your own equipment.

You can use a doorway pull-up bar to help build muscles. While it is a piece of equipment, it’s only slightly bigger than the TRX, stores easily and is relatively cheap. Create your own home gym with this item and when you’re done, store it in the closet for the day. Make your own weights without a lot of expense. Plastic laundry detergent bottles can be filled with water or sand to the weight you desire and used. As you build your muscles, simply add more sand or water to the container to make it heavier.

  • Do you have a park nearby? The monkey bars and jungle gyms may be meant for kids to play, but they’re also great pieces of gym equipment when the kids aren’t in the park, such as early morning.
  • You can build muscle by lifting heavy things. Consider jobs to be done around the house or look for an opportunity to get some extra cash doing “bull” work and heavy lifting. Find ways to incorporate heavy lifting into your life as much as possible, like rearranging furniture frequently.
  • You can modify the plank in several ways and watch TV as you do each. It’s a way to get your entertainment in and build strong muscles at the same time.
  • If you don’t have access to a gym or gym equipment, I’ll create a workout for you that doesn’t require any. My goal is to create the best workout to help you reach your goals quickly.

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