Building Muscle Without A Gym

At JARFIT in Denver, CO, we work with people here and online. We know that not everyone has access to all types of gym equipment and focus on exercises for both settings. Building muscle without a gym isn’t new, it’s been done for years. Some people buy inexpensive types of equipment, like jump ropes, resistance bands and kettlebells to supplement bodyweight workouts. You don’t even require weights, since household items filled with stone, sand or water can be used and adjusted to your fitness level.

Always start with bodyweight exercises, so you can begin immediately without waiting to get equipment.

We provide great workout programs based on your level of fitness that you can do at home. But if you want to go it on your own, start with the basics. Use squats, push-ups, lunges and planks. Make sure you have good form before you worry about increasing sets, speed or creating a circuit for circuit training. You can modify the exercises to work muscles on different planes or work different muscles once you get the basics. Squats can be traditional squats, jump squats, or isometric squats, just to name a few. Lunges can go from traditional to split-squat lunge jumps and lunge holds. Front planks, side planks and bridges are variations of these favorites.

Make sure you warm up and a jump rope can do it.

If you’re working out inside, a jump rope is ideal. Outside dynamic movements when you walk for a few minutes get your muscles ready. Resistance bands can be added to your workout and create modifications for your bodyweight workout. It can help create variety and prevent plateauing. Storage is far easier for this minimal type of equipment and so is cost.

If you’re strapped for time, how about making chores a workout.

Tackling the heavy lifting and moving fast to get physical chores done can be just as much exercise as a traditional workout and build muscle tissue. For women, simply carrying the groceries to the car or loading and unloading them can create a lot of heavy lifting. Putting maximum effort into every chore as you work fast to build endurance, too, can help you build the muscles you want.

  • Let your furniture be your gym equipment. Chair push-ups are ideal when you’re at the office. Grasp the edge of the chair and lift yourself up with your legs outstretched in front of you and not touching the floor to build muscle strength.
  • A tractor tire can be a piece of equipment. These huge tires can be lifted rolled, used to jump inside and out of repeatedly. There are numerous exercises you can do with a rope tied to a branch of a tree, too.
  • Make a kettlebell out of a plastic detergent bottle or milk jug. Fill it with enough rock, water or sand to match the weight of kettlebell you’d use. As you build strength, add more sand, rock or water.
  • The key to success is to continuously strive to improve every day and be consistent. Create a workout schedule and stick with it. No matter how much I motivate people, ultimately, their success or failure depends on whether they follow the program or not. It’s all up to you. Just do it.

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