Best Workout Shoes For Weightlifting

Whether you workout in person with me in Denver, CO, or via telecommunication, having the appropriate workout clothing is important. It makes a big difference in your performance. It’s particularly true when it comes to shoes for weightlifting. It’s not about how great they look, but how they help you train and improve your lifting. They should provide a solid base, so leather is often the best choice.

Shoes made from a solid supportive material serve a purpose.

You want all parts of the body to work in unison and the right shoes can help create more force, whether it’s doing squats, lunges or deadlifts. Your shoes should provide stability around your ankles, so you don’t have to compensate with the knees and/or hips. The harder sole helps provide that. If you use your favorite running shoes, it won’t do. They absorb most of the force you need for lifting with the extra cushion they provide.

Weightlifting requires a low profile shoe.

The shoe should provide a good grip with its hard stable soles. You’ll protect your lower body joints not only by providing stability, but also elevating the heel for a safer angle for the joints while you’re training, if your ankles aren’t stable, your knees, hips, shoulders and wrists won’t be. The ankles will be the weak link in the movement of power up through the body causing excess strain and less power from other joints. It can even lead to injury.

What type of lifting are you doing?

It also makes a difference. The hard flat sole is important no matter how you’re lifting. However, some shoes have elevated heels. Those help improve the body’s normal movement and aid in keeping the torso upright when doing a clean-and-jerk or snatch. That extra rise in the heel lets you get in a lower squat position and lets you maintain better posture. That lift from the angled heel isn’t good for deadlifting, bench pressing or squatting with a wide stance, particularly for powerlifting. No heel is better for those moves.

  • A study in 2012 compared performance wearing proper weightlifting shoes to basketball shoes when doing a single maximum barbell back squat. It showed those in weightlifting shoes maintained proper form and reduced lower back strain.
  • Studies also show that wearing weightlifting shoes helped reduce the movement of the ankles and maintain proper form when compared to traditional athletic shoes.
  • One very popular shoe for weightlifting is the Converse Chuck Taylor. They check all the boxes with ankle support if you have high tops, a flat, hard rubber sole and have a history of being one of the best.
  • If you’re doing cross fit or multiple types of training but have a budget that doesn’t allow multiple types of shoes, a cross-fit shoe like the Nano X1 Cross Trainer or NOBULL Trainers are a good choice.

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