Best Exercises For Muscular Endurance

While a lot of my focus in Denver, CO, is strictly body building, I also include exercises for muscular endurance. It’s just as important to your overall physique. While the ultimate goal is to build an aesthetically pleasing symmetrical physique, building strength and endurance is also important. It can help you train harder and vary your workout.

Building muscles is top priority and endurance training won’t do that, but you still need it.

There are a lot of ways to train for competition, incorporating endurance training is one of those. It won’t cause hypertrophy, which is the ultimate goal, but still is an important part of the workout. Endurance training can include a wide variety of workout, including cardio. You can use free weights or bodyweight exercises, too. The load should be approximately 70 percent of the one repetition maximum with a volume of two to four sets of 10 to 25 repetitions. The rest between sets should be short, approximately 30 seconds to one minute.

Basically, muscle endurance is doing one exercise to failure.

If you want to have a few basic endurance exercises you can do anywhere, choose bodyweight exercises, like the plank. Do five reps and hold as long as possible. Your body should be quivering at the end of the fifth repetition. Walking lunges is another exercise for endurance. Five sets of 30 is a good start. There’s no better workout in my mind than plain old push-ups. Five sets of twenty will build endurance quickly.

You’ll get more from your workout by doing supersets.

If you want the strength to grow muscles and maximize the time in the gym, do duo exercises, such as supersets for the same part of the body or two exercises for opposing muscle groups. Give your chest a workout with a combo of push-ups and bench press or combine a superset barbell bench press with flys drop set.

  • When you work for endurance, you’re setting your body up to be stronger to get more from each and every workout. Every workout, whether bodybuilding or not, should include a balance of strength, flexibility and endurance training.
  • If you want the endurance of Superman, you have to do a few supermans. It builds your back strength and endurance. Hold arms and legs off the ground briefly, then lower. Repeat fifteen to twenty times. Don’t arch your back or raise your head while you lift arms and legs.
  • Calf raises, V-ups, tuck jumps and lifting lower weights for high repetitions all build your endurance. Work on all parts of the body, including your cardiovascular system.
  • I’ll design a program for your workout that can prepare you for contest or help you reach your peak potential. It will contain just the right balance of exercises for your goals. Try our free 30-day jumpstart plan.

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