Your Five Systems That Keep You Healthy

When people in Denver, Colorado come to us for help to make lifestyle changes, they often want to lose weight or just boost their energy. What they ultimately end up doing is making themselves more fit and healthy. That’s right, changing your lifestyle has a huge impact on your health. It improves the five systems that keep you healthy. These are the microbiome, angiogenesis, stem cells, immune system and DNA protection.

The microbiome is a more scientific term for healthy microbes in the gut.

Your body is filled with microbes, while most are in the gut, there are microbes on the skin, in the mouth and other parts of the body. There are beneficial bacteria that help us digest food and provide nutrients and those that harm the body. The microbiome can affect your overall health and either keep you fit or create diseases, including mental conditions. Eating healthy means feeding beneficial bacteria with fiber so they can proliferate and create more nutrients for the body. An unhealthy diet boosts the bad bacteria and microbes. Exercise also helps increase beneficial bacteria.

Angiogenesis is the creation of blood vessels.

The body has a perfect balance for creating blood vessels. When it needs more to help repair injury, it sets the system in motion to grow more or split those already in existence. It keeps your heart healthy. However, you can get too much of a good thing. For instance, the body always has cancer cells, but they die off unless those cells have a blood source feeding them. When angiogenesis isn’t working right, new blood vessels develop to feed the cancer cells. If there’s too little angiogenesis, it can cause heart disease. Regulating angiogenesis can come from eating combinations healthy foods and also improving other areas of lifestyle like exercising regularly and getting adequate sleep.

Stem cell therapy doesn’t necessarily mean fetal stem cells.

Even adult bodies have stem cells, so boosting those are what some scientists focus on doing. Exercise boosts stem cells, just as eating healthy does. There’s a whole new area of science using the body’s own stem cells to help repair joints and other damage to the muscles. Healthy living can help avoid damage or improve the potential for recovery.

  • DNA protection comes from the telomeres that protect the chromosomes. Every time a cell replicates, some of the chromosome is lost. In normal replication, it’s the telomeres, so the longer they are, the better. Exercise helps lengthen the telomeres.
  • When your immune system is working properly, you’re protected from a wide variety of conditions and diseases. Exercise and healthy eating boosts the immune system and increases the creation of antioxidants in the body.
  • There is no one “magic bullet,” key nutrient or super food. Each food contains a wide variety of nutrients that boost the body’s health and work in synergy to keep it functioning properly.
  • Supplying the proper nutrition to the body and improving the delivery of the nutrients with improved circulation can be accomplished with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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